I'm Lluvia Maya, been a member since August 2003, became a Moderator in early 2004 (I even hosted the first Gaia Anniversary Moderators Ball thread, now in the Memorable forum). Was eventually promoted to OmniModerator and did that till I stepped down in 2008. I pretty much left Gaia after that to work on my personal life and I'm happy to say it paid off and I'm a much better place now.

I went thru the hardest time in my life during my time here, my husband was diagnosed with cancer and two years later he passed away. I chronicled some of my experiences on my journal, and I've chosen to leave them there as both a reminder and a tribute. Also as a thank you to all that helped me thru those hard times, your support meant a lot heart I can honestly say this community kept me afloat and that's why I knew I'd be back someday.

Fast forward to now, since I neglected my account well it was an easy target for hacking and I lost it for a few months. But with help from the Mods and Admins (Darien S. ninja ) I got it back. I'm trying to get the hang of things again, so much has changed!

My friendlist was erased by the hacker, so if we were friends send me a request so I can add you again smile

I am, of course, welcoming new friends as well! I enjoy meeting new people, specially if we have things in common. I'm a mom, graphic designer, getting my Master's degree in Spanish Translation, have a husky named Dallas and I'm in love 4laugh

    On my Netflix now:

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The struggle of life and thereafter



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Hoy platicando con un amigo en la calle cerca de su casa, paso por la acera una chica con la que solia platicar en el gym.
y no me hablo. ya no me habla nose porque.
y píenso que si ella no me habla yo no le hablare.

ella me ve y es curioso porque evito su mirada
tendria que hablarle o almenos sonreir si nuestras miradas se cruzan.

y no se porque estoy escribiendo esto aqui.
tal vez queriendo decirte que... nada

solo haciendo me presente.

espero estes bien LM

Darien S.

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Darien S.

Is it as hot over there as it is over here? gonk

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pues decidi cerrar el otro thread y crear uno nuevo,
es basicamnete lo mismo pero con un enfoque a mexico.

eres bienvenida a visitarme cuand quieras, no tienes que postear, basta con mirar.
para mi es mas importante el numero de visitas que el numero de posts o votos.

bueno , que estes bien. heart

Darien S.

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Darien S.

Heya! Loving the new avi! o:
Darien S.

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Darien S.


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Entirely random - I'm fairly sure I got a modly warning from you in the way old days. I can't think why else your name fills me with fear and guilt! heart sweatdrop
Auntie sindy

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Auntie sindy

Hey how are you? ninja

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como estas chica ocupada.
te has escapado del trabajo para chekar tu Gaia, supongo.


Help me? I'm trying to get the Firestarter Achievement, so please </3 my thread.