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rabbit and coyote Report | 02/06/2010 1:28 pm
A very merry birthday to you! biggrin
Ozmire-Kun Report | 01/12/2009 5:46 am
hey man, im your old friend ozmire

that old account is banned and is useless
ithinkimhooked Report | 10/09/2008 8:44 am
random comment
naruto_black op_ninja Report | 09/28/2008 4:50 pm
eMiNeMiLy Report | 09/28/2008 10:25 am
i dont know who u r...
ll fallen angel ll Report | 09/27/2008 9:32 pm

you doo know that doesnt work. .-.
Motoko_Inuzuka- Report | 09/27/2008 8:47 pm
u click "make a new playlist" and theres a box that says like enter song or band name. thats where u get songs. and u dont need to actually. it saves automaticlly. well i g2g to bed. im real tired.
Motoko_Inuzuka- Report | 09/27/2008 8:42 pm
once u make a playlist. u save it then go to your homepage an then u click on the put playlist on myspace or face book and more. then click gaia online icon. get the code, copy and paste it into the multimedia box when ur editing your profile and waalaa!
Motoko_Inuzuka- Report | 09/27/2008 8:37 pm
you have to make a playlist on playlist .com first.
Motoko_Inuzuka- Report | 09/27/2008 8:11 pm
like i don't have enough i would if i could but can't. sorry.

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=D well im 16 i live in Australia in roxburgh park wheatley ave and thats about me lol

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=) I am Phillipino!!!!! Be happy


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