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Welcome To lll S A N D Y lll's Profile

Hello! I'm Diane(: My birthday is July 23rd. I live in Sacramento. I'm 12 right now. I love to meet new people. I'm just the craziest person. I am really random and I am also annoying at times. My favorite things are being on the computer, talking, being with people/friends, taking walks, and reading!I have awesome friends, that I love! I love to flirt at sometimes when im in the mood.I love to laugh! Because I'm always laughing, mostly at stupid things.I am from California, have a problem? DEAL WITH IT! lol I am always smiling, even when I am sad. My life is going okay right know. Music is my life I say. Like if i dont have musci then it feels like my heads gonna explode.Music! I love all kinds of music! Even country(: I love the color yellow and green.I like music from around the world too. I get scared easy. I can be loud at anytime. My goal in life is to become an Techer or a Lawyer. I am always on Gaia, but like summer is almost over I'm not going to be able to be on for a while. If you want to know more just tell me! K?
:Well thats all!

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