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I say... I'm random.

I am a Christian! I'd love to say that I thank my Savior everyday for saving me, and read my bible, and pray, but...

I am a sinner. Yes, you can be both... in fact, everyone is a sinner- Christian or not. We live on earth. We are human. The only difference between Christians and Non-Christians is that Christians have asked and trusted God to take away our sins that keep us from entering Heaven, because we know that we can't do away with them ourselves.

With that being said...

I love bright colors, and I love black or dark brown with a bright color. Oh! And white is NOT a color. Black isn't either, really, but I like it more than white. That's just me. I guess because it seems that black is SOMETHING while white is just empty space.

I don't like it when my mom opens my window. Bugs come in at night. Even though my dad taped up the hole in my window screen, they find a way in *evil smile*, then when I have my room light off at night, and I'm on my laptop, they swarm my monitor!

I don't like it when she raises the blinds on my windows, either. I live in a dorm at college, so when I'm home it's either the summer or the weekend, therefore, I don't want to wake up at sunrise.

Sometimes, I have more to say than I think I will. Sometimes when I write comments to my friends on myspace, I end up having to use two posts because I exceed the character limit. However, when talking on the phone to my besties... I got nothing. *shrugs*

I'm kinda forgetful... yeah, I forgot where I was going with that one. No joke. I bet it would have been a nice little paragraph, too.

I am a goody two shoes (or whatever that term is... I don't get it). I argue with my mom, but other than that... I don't like getting in trouble.

Conflict and confrontation scares me. So do bugs. And snakes, and looking down from high places, and looking up at tall buildings unless I can feel something behind me, and... driving (don't ask about this one). I'm just a chicken.PERIOD.

I'm also a "cry baby". Yes, I know I am, and I don't really like it. But I also don't know how to change it, so... there we are.

It is 10:47pm, and I have church tomorrow, but I don't want to go to bed yet (and I still have to take a shower... yay me).

Why can't my little sister take a shower on saturday nights? She always insists on taking a shower sunday morning, and she's in there from the second she walks outta her room til five minutes before we get in the car. It would be alot easier on her and I wouldn't have to hear my parents yell at her every sunday if she would just take a shower on saturday! Ok, rant over.

HMM... what else?

I love the smell of coffee! But I'm not a big fan of the taste... AT ALL! ...unless it's cappuccino or frappiccino or mocha latte or some other fancy name that means they put (good) stuff in there that makes the taste more bearable.

I love the smell of peanut butter! It's just surprisingly amazing. And the taste is good as well... now if they could just do something about the stickiness of it, I would be... fatter than I already am. haha.

I started writing a book last summer, then I quit when school started, and... yeah, I haven't really written any more since, but... you should try to change that by reading my chapters and critiquing them AND telling me if you like them or not (and why or why not), then maybe I will get motivated and write some more. I did have a bestie that would read them and tell me what he thought and what I messed up on and all that, but he's busy these days, plus I don't think he has internet any more sad

I just started Role Playing online. I like it. It just kinda goes too slow because you have to wait for someone to say something in order to say something else, and... sometimes I lose my motivation or direction, know what I'm sayin'? We should syncronize our watches. lol.

What else can I say... It's kinda hot in my bedroom... like you wanted to know that.

Ok, I'm gonna go. If you make it through this speech... give yourself a lollipop ...and comment on my wall, K? Say more than "hi" or "I read your wall. k bye." Tell me what you think. If you're a Christian, I'd love to know that. If not, and you hate God, I'm liable to comment back and ask what event in your life caused you to hate God. If you think the smell of peanut butter is grotesque... you're crazy... haha no, you should tell me that. lol If you think I'm crazy, then tell me (and you'd be right, btw) Just say SOMETHING an amateur writer can work with. lol

The end.
Good night.


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Mir-phantom Report | 03/20/2010 10:09 pm
click this? -> http://www.gaiaonline.com/grant?key=superamazingitem
Mir-phantom Report | 10/05/2009 2:45 pm
Thank you! and i'm having a wonderful day!
Mir-phantom Report | 09/07/2009 11:02 am
hahaha no problem! hope it went well^^
Mir-phantom Report | 09/06/2009 11:11 pm
according to Gaia. Happy Birthday!
Mir-phantom Report | 08/10/2009 2:19 pm
yeah a little bit.
Mir-phantom Report | 08/09/2009 11:15 pm
I so wish. i do think i freaked him out alittle bit... kept staring at him.
Mir-phantom Report | 08/09/2009 12:38 pm
I saw some kid the other day that looked exactly like how i pictured Brandon. Down to his hair style, facial/body structure, clothing, speech pattern, and creeply enough name. It was amazing! ((he dosn't look at all like who i choose to play Brandon in the HP RP))
Mir-phantom Report | 07/10/2009 7:15 pm
HI! ^^
Mir-phantom Report | 06/17/2009 8:05 pm
no problem
ChibiGinie Report | 06/17/2009 10:57 am
Update you interests.

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