I guess "About" is going to mean im going to explain myself which i cant. I LOVE TWILIGHT! I LOVE EDWARD! I LOVE BELLA! im done. anyway, If you met me you might think i was: [you choose] different, weird, annoying, strange, quiet, mute, shy, emo [WHICH IM NOT!!] or anything else..but you know whatt..the only thing im going to call myself and to be proud of is a Christian girl, who's best friend is Jesus and Jesus only and i just have a group of human best friends whom i love. i wont list them all that would take forever.
fine ill list my friends..
okay now im going to try not to put them in order.
theres hanna: and of course we've had our fights, evey friendship has there fights, but we're good now and shes probably one of the two people that understand me well its so awesome. i wouldnt want to lose her like i almost did.
rachel: is still one of my best friends but i think she hates me. im not sure what happened but i really miss her bu she shows no signs of liking me as a friend anymore and it hurts. i would cry myself to sleep because i miss her so much i dont know what to do anymore. i feel bad for what i did and i wish i could go back in time but i realized one day- i cant.
zaneta: one of my best friends again, of course i like her but i dont know she really likes me as a best friend anymore once she has one of her other friends, jasmine, whom i also like. ive learned from experiences never to put friend sin front of friends and to not spend all your time with just one person. and dont get jealous. im still working on that.
jasmine: as explained, i dont know her so well yet we just got better this year and she seems like a funny and nice person.
christina: known her ever since 5th grade, shes an awesome girl who looks past the imperfectness in life. zaneta calls her overlyoptimistic. ha. but thaats a good thing. wish i could do that..but cant.
miranda: okay miranda and christina are twins, well they have a brother but i know miranda and christina best. miranda is an understanding and listening and a very caring person just like her sister, theyre both people who would love to meet a new animal and take it home. i would too but just not marvin..or logan
[that snake they have] :]
brittney: brittney ive known her ever since ive been to this school, the first week she came to talk to me so shes a special girl who has to deal with a lot of stuff in her life. i understand her well and i guess she really wants someone to like her considering shes been through a divorce [not her] and a breakup [which i feel bad of...] and deaths..thats bad.
bastine: this girl is COOL. yeaa ive known her since 3rd but i just got to know her better this year and the years in between. she has her days and so do i and im glad we're close. :]
now do you know why i didnt want to list my BFFLs? cuz theyd end up a long list like that.
well ill update this later. ttyl! :]
i <3 random comments!


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EasterBonnbon's Journal

I guess this journal is for everyone to read so I better write something intresting.....



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schools okish lol

and i noticed that u dont get on gaia often anymore

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wats up?

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i like ur profile

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eh ehe..welll excuse me young lady..i lik it to...XD

i noe we all obsess with many song..XD

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ok i bored so bored..watcha doin...

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random.....Cute avi

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but we arleady shop though..

we should go more often though..

wow i had so much fun..

its been long we hadnt shop in a group though

in the summer we beete do lotz of things

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hey ...watcha doin

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27 ppl 29k

then prees ctrl-w and log back in tada GOLD

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