My name is Yani. asian. sophomore.
I'm one of those people who used to be hardcore about Gaia.
not anymore.
I will still be on once in a while to check comments and mail and stuff.
Please don't beg for my stuff.

I adore a few things in life, and these are:
1. My friends
2. Harry Potter
3. Bean
4. Facebook
5. LiveJournal
6. The three mangas I still follow: Naruto, Bleach, and Prince of Tennis

I am hardcore about a few things in life, and these are:
1. Academics
2. Shipping: SasuSaku, IchiRuki, etc.
3. defending my friends and hating my enemies.

Let me Light up the sky
Light it up for you
Let me tell you why
I would die for you


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You're welcome. : D

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Awesome avi and profile. : D
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Green Tea Frappuccin0

I gotta say, I kind of like Yaeko's character (even if she seems to be a bit.. clingy) and think that Charlie was just someone Hiro had a crush on.

The one thing that surprises me the most though is the fact that Kensei is actually an Englishmen with 'immortal' powers.

Hmm.. at first I thought Peter was just the craziest character out of everyone else until he started to show his potential in the episode where he met the invisible guy. What was his name again? Claude, I think..

I think Mohinder is a so-so character. Just someone who passes the storyline along, but he does have his shining moments. When he has those moment, it's like: 'Well, you'd never think that would happen' or 'Wonder who he'll find next'.
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Green Tea Frappuccin0

My favorite is definitely Hiro, just because he's the comic relief for the first few episodes. There are characters that I find really intresting though, like Niki and Jessica for their personality switch. I find their background to be incredibly sad too. What's yours?

And I really don't like Lost, Gosspi Girls any of those other shows that seem to be so popular now a days. Heroes makes me think and there's actually a story behind each character. The fact that everyone has met one another at one time makes me laugh too. Talk about coincidences. x3;

We are such dorks. I swear. <3

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Cool avi and nice profile^^
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Haha, I guess we're both leaving funny comments.

Yeah, I saw your post back in the TeniPuri thread and came by your profile. My shock of finding another fan was taking it's toll on me. since I've never really met another fan before. x3;
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Haha, I meant 'you' not 'I'. Sorry about that. I've been getting a lot of typos lately. ^^;
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Green Tea Frappuccin0

I like watching Heroes too? Haha, that's cool to find another fan here. <33

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dig the profile like big time ^^

love the little Cap myself!


Life moves on. Even concerning Gaia. Semi-Hiatus.