Ohaio and peace be upon u all peeps out there~ .. User Image
l'm Meemoi, a manga-addict chocoholic girl.

l pretty much enjoy art, literature and music. people keep telling me that it's so last century to be fascinated by such things but l can't help but adore them.

l do draw from time to time, read novels or manga, write poems or hum&dance whenever l'm left alone. l wish to play the Piano one day (and if possible, learn a little about Ballet).

Almost anything can become an inspiration for me; however, my main inspiration is the calm deep moon of the night. Seeing it wrapped in its warm blanket of the starlit sky always takes me beyond the limits of what can be heard, touched or seen.

My number one passion is CHOCOLATE!!lt's my Ever-lasting supply of happiness and l can have as much chocolate a day as much as l xan lay eyes on~ <3

that's all for now, if u want to know more try to get to know me~

yum_puddi yum_puddi yum_puddi yum_puddi
P.S. "I DON'T bite!"
P.P.S. I just mentioned that "I DON'T bite!"...Twice