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I raped your son

I might as well take up this space with something...
I feel pretty alone at times,and i'm in love with the thought that somebody cares about me. It doesn't happen very often. Mostly because I usually drive people out when they're there. I don't like people. and I've convinced myself that people don't like me either. You can try and try to tell me they do, or you can put me down. It's my opinion and It shall stay that way until the end of my days. sorry.. I'm not strong, people push me around daily, I'm sick of it yes, but I won't do a damned thing about it. On a more..light note, the friends I have are my saviors. them,and music. Without music, I wouldn't be here. I can swear to you that fact. I want to like people, and if I could find that soul whom helps me speak my mind more often, I would be forever happy I'm in love, and I hope it stays that way. I adore poetry, I'll put some up If I really want to later. So I suppose if you want, I'm here. I believe I'm a good listener...

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