Name: XxSuicideDreamerxX
Nickname: Panda, Dream, shai, chey, snuggle, maya, kiwi, peaches, lilly and punky!


What I love:

-My Electronics-
-J-pop & J-Rock-
-Avril Lavigne-
-Hello Kitty-
-Coloured Skinnies-
-Glass Dolls-
-Pens Pencils-
-Neon Colours-
- >w< RawR -
-Pop Princess-
-Click Five-
-Linsey Lohan-
-Adores Japanese Peoplez-
-Music notes-
-Death note-
-Nail Polish-
-Make up-
-Cute Uniforms-
-Poking Dead Things With A Stick-
-Salt 'n' Vingar Chips-
-Root Beer-
-Diet or Non Diet Pop-
-Boys in Tight pants MMM xD-
-Teddy Bears-
-Lord Narsha-
-My coco-
-Chain Belts and wallets-
- Goth boots-
-Scene Boys and girls-
-Scene Hair-
-My scene Hair-

*Will put up pictures later*

(Anime Shows.Tv Shows.Music)

*Whatcha Say - Jason Deruto*
*All The Right Moves - One Republic*
-Hello Goodbye-
-Jonas Brothers-
-Jimmy Eats World-
-Sky Eats Airplane-
-Within Temptation-
-Britney Spears-
-Lilly Allen-
-Tokio Hotel-
-Hatsune Miku-
-Cobra Starship-
-Elfen lied's theme-
-Tokyo Mew Mew Theme Song-
-Snow Patrol-
-Sick Puppies-
-Justin Bieber-
-Taylor Swift-
-The Devil Wears Prada-
-The Fray-
-Kelly Clarkson-
-Bon Jovi-
-Eyes set to kill-
*NeverShoutNever! - Your Biggest Fan*
(Favorite Band Of All Time)
-The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus-
(Your Guardian Angel)
-Vampire Knight-
-Alice Nine-
-Utada Hikaru-
-Gwen Stefani-
-Green Day-
-Three Days Grace-
-Justin Timberlake-
-Miley Cyrus-
-As I Lay Dying-

*Will Add More If Forgottten Any*

What I Hate :
-People Jugding Other People-
-Snobby Rich WannaBez-
-People Who Are Obessed With Make-Up-
-People Who Think They Know Something When They Dont-
-People Who Think There Right All The Time-


I Rather Have You Love Me Then Hate Me But Its Ur Choice...I Can Be Crazy And A Bit Werid.....But Dont Hold It Against Meh...Cause I Dont Want To Change Myself...I Am WHo I AM OK!

I Live UnderNeathe Your Bed x3
I Will eat you for supper NOMNOMNOMNOM 3x

I love to draw so much!

I love my family!

I`M very shy in RL (real life) but on the computer I act like my true self and if u dont like it then somethings wrong with chu cause your like that in your own way too 100% some people think ur werid too x3

you may find me: 1 Drawing 2 Swimming 3 Hanging with my friends and family 3 at the mall 4 with bad boys xD





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wait, what? how?... confused neutral
The Unlucky XIII

Report | 11/20/2011 8:43 pm

The Unlucky XIII

Nothing really
Sick Fantasies

Report | 11/20/2011 10:03 am

Sick Fantasies

Maybe 15- 20kay
The Unlucky XIII

Report | 11/20/2011 7:55 am

The Unlucky XIII

Hey whats up.
Sick Fantasies

Report | 11/17/2011 8:11 pm

Sick Fantasies

Http://i42.tinypic.com/ae6y5s.png <-- Art sample x3
Sick Fantasies

Report | 11/16/2011 10:26 pm

Sick Fantasies

I usually do freebies. Snd i'll send you some samples tomorrow^^
not on my computer atm.
The Unlucky XIII

Report | 07/29/2011 4:01 pm

The Unlucky XIII

Kurimuzon Enjeru

Report | 07/01/2011 8:16 pm

Kurimuzon Enjeru

hi sister ^^
Keiji Mizuchi

Report | 03/15/2011 6:44 pm

Keiji Mizuchi

hi big sister i miss u soo much hugs u tight
Keiji Mizuchi

Report | 02/19/2011 7:03 am

Keiji Mizuchi

awwww its ok big sister its ok ^-^ im just sooo gald your ok *hugs you i love you big sister ^)^ *HUGS* U tight


I AM WORTH OVER 4 MILLION!!!!!!!!!!!! BELIEVE IT OR NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!