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Konnichiwa minasan, I am || Fallen Light ||, but you may call me Fallen, or Light, or any other shortened name you would like.

I am a young female and I am always looking for new friends on Gaia.

I have an alternate account by the name of llDreamz_and_Delusionzll which is strictly for zOMG playing and I don't get on it much. But, you can befriend me there and we can get in a crew together. (I gold farm in Papa Saw most of the time).

I DO NOT accept random friend requests! Don't take this as; "I don't like friends", because I do, I just don't like friends I don't know or don't talk to. So, if you think I'm interesting, or my profile is interesting, or you think I might be fun to talk to (which I am), send me a comment! I don't bite, I promise.

Interesting facts
- I have an obsession with Asian men, Asian culture, etc.
- I am a brown belt in Karate, now working on my black.
- I am quarter Japanese, quarter German, quarter Dutch, and quarter Irish.
- I LOVE Jason "Mayhem" Miller (God he's hot)
- I LOVE Jackie Chan (He's my idol)
- I LOVE Johnny Depp (Sexy Pirate...)
- I LOVE Johnny Yong Bosch (Drop dead smexy voice!)
- My family and I are managers of a new band called "Against Our Will", they're making a music video of their song "Stop!", you should check them out on Facebook.
I got my page from coolpresets.com

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My World Of Roleplay And Art!

As the title says~! I put my roleplay characters, fanfiction characters, and avatar art in this little baby. *Taps book* Take a peek inside, nothing's stopping you!

Awesome Shops!

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Do you like drawing art? Cause I love receiving
art. I have a bad habit of spending my questing
gold on art, so if you have a good art shop, send
me the link, there is a high chance I will buy
some. OR you can help me out and draw me for
free~ yes, yes, that would be loved~!

I am looking for a good (at least semi-literate)
roleplay. I am interested in romance, horror,
and fantasy (even roleplay ideas that are
overused are fine with me) PM me if you have a
roleplay in mind you need people to join,
I'll check it out.