"Whenever you feel lost..."

Hello there and welcome to my profile!

I am 23 years old, live in the United States, and no I am not telling you where.

I love all things Devlish, Cute, or anything dealing with Foxes, Dinosaurs, and Strawberries.

I am a HUGE geek, I love video games, sci-fi, and completely adore anime!

My current top five Anime's:

5~ Fairy Tail (If only Mashima would kill people!)
4~ Death Note
3~ Fullmetal Alchemist (Orignal of course)
2~ Cowboy Bebop
1~ Naruto Shippuden

My current top five Video Games (Console and PC):

5~ Overwatch (sad my computer won't run it properly as of late)
4~ Diablo III (Been Mashing that as of Late)
3~ Halo (ALL OF THEM, have yet to play 5 though))
2~ The Sims 3
1~ Borderlands (1, 2 and Pre-sequel)

I am a very friendly person, so please feel free to message me or send a friends request, I am also a writer and love to RP, shoot me a request in PM with an idea you want to try I am open to all.

Or if your interested click on the shop in my signature to your left <--------

yum_cupcake ARENA WINS yum_cupcake

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Got another arena win...just figuring out how to do the picture again, its been awhile. lol

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"... Stop thinking and eat a cupcake."