Hey! If you don't know me! Hello! And welcome to the location of....Contagious! :3
Anyways, i like to draw and i have an account on DeviantArt.com
All of my pictures are there,but your going to have to find me on there first~!
I also like music (if you couldn't tell from the playlist lol)
My favorite chips are Doritos! (omg their the god of all chips! @_@ ) My favorite drink's of choice is Sweet Tea! (cold, not hot.....eww =_=' ) And Dr. Pepper!
Oh! and I forgot to say something! I have been drawing a lot so go and visit my gallery and I'm back for a while since I've been gone for a long time! (Yay! Party! XD )
I'll tty guys later!
Bye-Bye :3


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