Well, to start this shindig up the names Takenya. I stand short at 5'1 and a half. I like my height, gotta problem with it? You can go "suck a duck" - quote from my twin. xD
Sing to me march 12th. (:
haha, I'm of native american descent. I have naturally straight brown hair about an inch below my shoulders. Green eyes, supposedly have orange flecks in em? I dunno, people compliment my eyes the most? Ehh. I'm smart, but I don't act like it. I'm in all advanced classes, even my electives are AP/select. I have book smarts not street smarts. i run cross country and track, and my twin is trying to convince me to try softball? maybe if she helps me I can?
My friends are my life, I love them to death, and they're the people who bring out the best in me. I also put others before myself, which isn't always the best.
I'm a good listener, I give good advice, i'm you're shoulder to cry on, or the person who will always try and make you happy.

Oh and no matter what I'm always laughing and smiling. <3

i like... running, turtles, cows, moose, llama, moosellama, purple, neon, SKINNAAY JEANS, wet seal, hot topic, pac sun, basket ball shorts, jammas, hot chocolate, converse, nike 6.0, pomegranate, SNL, phineas and ferb, agent P, platypie, cookies, chocolate, people, books, coloring outside the lines, freestyle rap, techno, hula dancing, guitar, ftsk, the maine, and the day November 27th.

I dislike... jocks, ego maniacs, rude people, people who are hurtful to my friends, pink, milk chocolate, heigths, spiders, the dark, snakes, mimes, clowns, pasta of all kinds, uhm... that's it?