Name:Clover Kannibal
Rp Name:Kannibal Clover
Age In RL:16
Age In Rp:16
Abilities:Able to use photon, Able to convert chakra into nature energy orbs, controls waste and oxygen forming it into reaility nightmares, Able to use my blood to a copy bloodline, can sense anything in the landscape, has the secret technique to depart my bodies letting them strech from photon strings.
Dojutsu:Aerrow eyes(First ever to have ability)Aerrow eyes:Can reverse a dojutsus power into its real state of dojutsu.Same with Ninjutsus and genjutsus.
Summoning Beast:None
Weapon:Lipstick danger, Huge book of evergreen.

Apperance:Would have long fluffy, puffy brown scene hair, having nice black average glasses, wearing a yellow v neck and a blue and white flannel shirt.
With symbols on my neck and tongue.Having dangerous berserk symbol pupils,Wearing small black jean shorts and high small knee fishnets with black vans like ninja black shoes.Has a purple and white book of evergreen.


Look Now In Anime:
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Look when i was out of akatusoki:
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YES, my real name is clover kannibal.How is my name kannibal? It's called a united states last name changing.Which cost me over 100 tops.I did it because I think kannibal is a smashing name for someone in my opinion atleast.Do not be suprised that i like anime even if i do not look like the type to like it.I love all anime.My favorite right now is.
1.Naruto(Anime, Manga)
2.Berserk(Manga and anime)
3.Uk Anime And Manga(Theos)
Do NOT steal my pictures and if you think these are not me then please go to stickAM.com and i will show you myself or just do not say a word.Like i said i love anime and its amazing.People do not realize what you can really find out about someone you knew for a long time or never knew that person would be.Life is all secrets and surprises.I also have a youtube, myspace, StickAm, And I go on this site called Stickarena.com Because i chat, text, and blah alot.
If you read this you became a smashing and beautiful person that cares for what people think.Or just a noisey hypocrite with only negative views.

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