My Life. My Love. My Dreams. ME.

Me, I am Liz Nguyen. Learned to move on from the past, and learn to look to the future, where my life is headed towards.

I learned to take control of myself..believe it or not, you can. Learned to move on, away from the past. Learned to see an imperfect person, perfectly. Learned to DREAM. be ME.I grew up, with two moms and one dad. Not very parents were not really around to take care of me, but i learned on my own, to become a young woman. I am hoping to become famous some day..YEAH. like thats going to happen, but nothing will ever stop me from dreaming. Many of us say, we want to be someone else..But you never know whos loving you, for YOU.And youre special in your own way. I think people get a first chance, And a second one. I dont online date, its stupid, you dont know who they are. Long Distances? Please, NO.

People say my life is perfect, but its far from perfect. I thought I had my whole life figured out, but I just recently realized that my life is far from being figured out, i'm still trying to find myself and who I am. Every person I meet I learn something from them. I want to meet someone who could prove that FOREVER exists. So much people told me they would be there forever but yet they still leave. I think FOREVER is just a word. If you say you will be there FOREVER and I end up being happy when I die then you proved it to me<3 I don't wanna grow up but as time passes and seasons change I do. People try to bring me down, but I try to be strong. They're not worth it. I don't give up easily, if I want it.. You best believe I'll try my hardest to get it. I'm my own person and thats the way its always going to be. I make my promises, and i keep them. I dont lie, I keep things real. Ive made wishes that never came true, said things I cant take back, done things ill always regret, but Ive learned, from my mistakes. To become who I am now. Ive learned to let go of the things I love, and to move on.

Liz Nguyen..<3