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"Those who fight today against torture, poverty
and discrimination, are not giants or superheroes.
Theyre people, kids, mothers, fathers, teachers.
Free thinking individuals who refused to be
silent, who realise human rights are not history
lessons, theyre not words on a page, theyre not
speeches or commercials or PR campaigns.
They are choices we make every single day as
human beings, theyre our responsibilities we all
share, to respect each other, to help each other,
to protect those in need, UNITY." - Dahvie Vanity(BOTDF)
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User Image ~My name is Liz. ♥

User Image ~ I've been on this site for years now. but don't really talk to anyone much. no friends who come on anymore... ♥

User Image ~ I'm pretty nice and get along with most people. ♥

User Image ~ I'm a youtube addict... ♥

User Image ~ I'm not like most people my age. ♥

User Image ~ I'm from the U.S. ♥

User Image ~ I love Super Heroes. ♥

User Image -~ I am in fact a Girl. ♥

User Image - ~ I'm teaching myself how to paint. ♥

User Image - ~ I love video games. ♥

User Image - ~ I really don't know why i'm redoing my "About Me".. i don't socialize on this site anymore. but if you're reading this.... Hi. ♥

User Image-~ Thanks for reading I guess... ♥

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User Image "Every man, woman and
child seeks equal justice,
equal opportunities, equal dignity.
Without discrimination,
regardless of race, sex, religion, sexual preference or social status.
When you were born, you were
born with the same human rights
as everyone else.
You have the right to live, you were born free
and equal to have freedom and
choice of your
religion and the freedom of expression.
All men and women are created equal"
- Dahvie Vanity(BOTDF)-
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