Hi welcome to this noob-coded profile <3
I'm Viet and living in Germany
I'm prolly quite young compared to the rest of the Gaia community (Yes I just said you are old, he)
I love music, especially Trap, Progressive and Future House and Dubstep but also Indie Electronica~
All I can talk about is my passion about electronic dance music hahah
I started playing Gaia in March 2014 but went on a semi-hiatus
after zOMG! shut down, like many of the players did..

Screenies and memories 3nodding

My mule c:

You'll find me hanging around in Bill's Ranch in front of the DMP gate in
the fuller server ~

Pro tank | Semi-noob Bu | Aggro stealer | Lagging GR/HPR Kite

Current song: XYLØ - Alive
My Playlists

heart Yui is my cutie heart

Huge and special thanks to scealia for the generous donation *forever grateful* heart
Update: Thanks for another donation 3nodding

Thankies to Yui, pronq, Papa Mage and killuyen for being my sugar aunties and daddies heart