Not on gaia much anymore. I pretty much go on just to dress up my avi.
Contact me through Facebook or if you have an Xbox One.

Quick Facts:
1. Melissa.
2. Barista.
3. Gun Training.
4. Yes, I adore the Ouija. I believe in entities and such.
5. ******** Trump. ******** you if you support him.
6. Caught all 151 pokemon. ******** the rest. I know there is 649, but they suck. Original<3

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My opinions:

I'm Agnostic.

A female shouldn't lay hands on a man just as much as a man shouldn't lay hands on a female. Just saying.. If I was a man, a female started hitting me.. Yea.. I'd punch that b***h dead in the face.

"I'm the one that you need and fear Now that you're hooked, it's all becoming clear That all your judgments that you placed on me Was a reflection of discovery So maybe next time when you cast your stones From the shadows of the dark unknown You will crawl up from your hiding place Take a look in the mirror See the truth in your face"

You really think I give a ******** if I hurt your feelings? Better think again.
If you get me to the point of me wanting to hurt you, that's you're fault. Not mine. Make that a promise. I will fight dirty.

I don't believe that someone can be bi. You play around with each gender till you're in a steady relationship with a guy or a girl.

I may seem like a f*****t, but with the way you faggots are in this generation. I don't give a s**t. I am nice compared to you ignorant kids that your family accidentally made. Your dad should of pulled out, or your mom should of given your dad head. I only have a few close people in my life. That's all I need.

Now before you think I am too much of a p***k. I am actually nice.
If you come into my life, welcome. If you choose to stay, you will be loved and cared for. I put others first before myself. My arm could be cut off, and all I wanna do is wipe your tears away before I tend to my arm. I have a big heart, I'll give you my all. And It's a promise. But if you break my heart, there is no 2nd chance. At least not anymore. I use to give people chance after chance. I ended up getting hurt. Double cross me, you will be cut. I won't even say anything to you.

I'm not the easiest person to get along with, I'm usually quiet, but I like it like that. I'm shy yet very outspoken, I'm honestly blunt, and can be a very sarcastically rude person. I don't really like hanging or talking to girls because I know how fake and two-faced they can be. At times I can be EXTREMELY random and "weird", but don't worry, it's only when I'm hyper.
I do have a very short fused-volcanic temper, but that runs in the family. I don't care how small or "big" I am, if I did, I'd look like those sticks y'all call "women."
I do not care to pay attention to what people have to say or think about me. You can think and say what you damn well want, you're entitled to, just keep in mind, it will never effect me♥ I am loved by some and hated by many. I'm loyal, faithful, curious and mean, but I find it very hard to trust others.
My life is not perfect, I am not perfect, and I don't try to be.
You either like me, love me, dislike me, or hate me. Either way, you're still thinking about me.

Humans are easily tempted. When they are poised on the edge of hellish despair and a spider-thin thread of salvation presents itself, they will invariably grasp it. no matter the human.

I don't get the saying "Single as a Pringle"
no you're not. Pringles are in a tube stacked on each other.
sure, it rhymes. But that makes no sense. lol

Little angel go away. Come again some other day. The devil has my ear today. I'll never hear a word you say. He promised I would find a little solace, you're not like the others. I can show you that I can see right through all your empty lies. Don't you dare look at him in the eye, as we dance with the devil tonight. As I burn another page, As I look the other way. I will always feed on your lies.

People say that when you have a good life you're pathetic for getting worked up over small things.
Truth is, when you're not used to bad things happening to you, tiny things can make you feel awful.
You're more sensitive, and therefore not necessarily happier or better off than anybody else.

You need a God? I am the one you want. I can kill your pain,
all you have to do is to give me your soul.
Your glorious soul, your beautiful soul.
Trust me I will take care of you.
Welcome to the burning of souls.
I am the soul burner.

Seconds from the end, what's it gonna be? Pull the trigger b***h!

❝I am a product of the '90s.
I demand instant gratification and no responsibility. ❞
the anti-human anti-hero.

❝ Three is the number of those who do Holy work;
Two is the number of those who do Lovers work;
One is the number of those who Perfect Evil;
Or Perfect Good. ❞

✖Easily amused
✖A bit of a nerd.
✖ i dislike a majority of people for many reasons or for none. No i do not have to explain myself to you if I don't like you. just keep away from me., if you're ignorant ,immature , an idiot, have an attitude or act like you're for some reason better than everyone else do NOT bother talking to me. I wouldn't even waste my time on you.

Intake on random friend requests: You cannot begin to know a person with merely adjectives. Asking for friendship is like asking for respect, you have to earn it to obtain it. So although you're on my friend's list.You're not my friend. Till then, I hate you. I guess you can say it's like the Sims. Play the cards right and interact with me right and you get a plus. But if you rub me the wrong way you well it a negative sign. I have grown from past mistakes. And now I'll be straight forward and poke you till you swell.