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Vampire knight

Death note

soul eater


blue exorcist(ao no exorcist)

Pandora hearts


mayday parade

Black vails Bride

Three days grace

Simple plan

Breaking benjamin


built for sin by framing

pain by three days grace

alone in this bed by framing hanley

new things i've done at the moment

I was at sakura con with dragon(dragonflame3333)we had fun i got to hug zero like a bunch of times met people bought stuff walked eat sit down


none at the moment

About me

I'am a person who dosn't do much but i can be a good friend if you show me you can be one and also if you don't like what i like and its embrassing to you you don't have to be my friend i will not change for anyone or anything i love my animals people and things of mine like my anime plushis


pm me and i'll tell you what you want to know

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╔═╦══╦═╗ Put this on your
║╩╣║║║║║page if you are emo.

emo doesn't mean ur gay.
emo doesn't mean ur suicidal.
emo is real.
emo is people.
emo is everything.
emo is a label.
emo is being free.
free to be you.
free to express.
free to tell everyone to f*** off!!
emo is just a word.-EMOS-
*Are not cry babies
*Do not always wear black
*Can be very nice people
*Don't always cut themselves
*Are not always depressed
*Can be happy too