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Hagi-is-a-sexy-beast Report | 02/25/2008 4:41 pm
*random crazy who runs up and stabs you in the back with a spoon till you bleed then laughs evily, hands you a full grown rabyfied possum and runs away while the possum bites your face swollen*

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great pro
sofums101 Report | 11/26/2007 6:37 pm
hey how r u?
kirei no hime Report | 10/09/2007 11:49 pm

please vote me in arenas..

just type my username:

kirei no hime

thank you very much!
TashiaGirl Report | 10/04/2007 10:17 am
nice pro... love tokyo mew mew! booo mew mew power!
Littlekistune Report | 08/27/2007 8:12 pm
Alright, Kitsune has asked me to watch her account until she can fix her comp to let her back on Gaia. I am a friend of hers, kay? ANd I'm just here to answer PMs and stuff.
0-Muraii-0 Report | 08/08/2007 6:59 am
Red Hawt Renny Report | 08/03/2007 5:50 am
An evil hello from Nakoto1!!!!!
Berry White Snow Report | 07/28/2007 12:42 pm
Konichiwa, minna! Starting on 7/30/07, Ichigo Momomiya will be in the avatar arena of Gaia!

I will not be here next week, but if you could, starting on the 30th, go to the Avatar Arena, and in the search box [by username], type "Miu Ichigo."

This would be doing me a huge favor!

I appreciate anyone who will vote for me. <3

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For the future of the earth, I will be of service!

Tectonix Report | 07/27/2007 4:45 pm
can we be friends?
0-Muraii-0 Report | 07/27/2007 9:51 am
lol, yes, I don't think ill ever forget that.

Thank you! ^ ^


Before you get to reading this I want to apologize for all my inactivity lately. I am really trying to keep up with everything and everyone, I am. Sooo.....

Hiya! I'm Little Kistune, and I'm gonna ramble for a while.
First off, I'm going to explain my name!!!
It WAS going to be LittleKiTSune, but that was taken, so I swapped to letters. Most people don't notice.

Now I'll tell you what I am into.
I am A Tokyo Mew Mew Enthusiast. I Love to chat and Roleplay anything to do with TMM. I normally Play Pudding, Kishu or one of my many OC's. My Favorite couples are as follows:

My LEAST favorite ((Practically hated...)) couples are, again, as follows.
Kishuxany OC
Tarutox any OC

And thats all for that.

Anywho, If you are still here after that, Congrats.

But all thats beside the point, I think.
I am in a Few Gaia Roleplays right now.
Lets see....

Tokyo Mew Mew Rp - Lead by Me
Tokyo Mew Mew A new threat- Lead by Sergito
Angelique Mew Mew (Rp Guild)- Lead by SatouBerry
Strawberry Parfait A TMM rp guild (Rp Guild) -Lead by Sanrio Desu
Tokyo Mew Mew Fanclub (Rpish Guild)- Lead by o-Ichigo-o
Tokyo Mew Mew RP- Lead by Raspberry_Vengeance
Mew Mew Power, Time Skip- Lead by A Girl With Dreams
Tokyo Mew Mew Guild- Lead By [Minty]

Annd... I believe thats all on Gaia.
And Now for Non-Gaia Roleplays and such!!!

Tokyo Zoo Crew ((TMM Rp Forum)) - Lead by Me -Link is in my siggy-
Red Data Forums - Lead By... Actually, i dunno who runs this. Probably a lot of People.

Does anyone see an underlining similarity? Like I said, TMM enthusiast.

I'm 13, by the way. I have brown hair and Brown eyes and I have a lot of good friends. On the web and in real life!!!

My sister is Ducks_Rule11, so if I ever had to go thanks to her, feel free to send hate mail.

P.S. I am part of the "Adopt a N00b" Program. My Noobie is a sweet girl called Adsli.
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