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Tales of Mystery and Madness

Some poems that I've come up with and no, they're not about emo things...At least, I don't THINK so...


Well, How Else Would I Describe Myself?

I'm Elizabeth, and I'm 15 years old. Here are some facts about me:

1. I'm a wolf, but I can't fit my tail in my outfit, thus why my tail is showing. I'm looking for Paradise.

2.Some words I would use to describe myself include timid, jumpy, nervous, intelligent, innocently naive, twitchy, strange, unusual, skittish, helpful, sensative, somewhat pretty, tall, thin, insane, bipolar

3. Characters from my fave movies that I can relate to: Victor Van Dort(Corpse Bride), Edward(Edward Scissorhands), Linguini(Ratatouille), Ichabod Crane(Sleepy Hollow), Jojo(Horton Hears A Who), Lydia(Beetlejuice), Dib(Invader Zim(I know that that's not a movie, I just wanted to throw that in)), Joker(Dark Knight), Flippy(Happy Tree Friends).

4. My theme song: Riot by Three Days Grace

5. This is my deviantart account: http://twilitwolfamaterasu.deviantart.com/

6. I dislike the color pink, but will tolerate it on other people.

7. I have a tendency to faint online, and will stay silent until I wanna wake up. I'll write *faints* and go from there.

8. I've been called a freak, weirdo, abnormal, strange, emo, depressed, depressing, bipolar, and a bunch of other crap.

9. I always seem to like the characters that I can really relate to. I also notice that they're the characters that are considered the weird, clumsy, timid, or freakish.

10. I have a younger sister. Her username is moehoggy88, and she's a red fox(the animal, not term of endearment).

11. I guess I'm classified as emo, now.

12. My favorite villain is the Headless Horseman...Headless Horseman? *faints* Oh, and the Joker! DER.

13. I tend to act in the shadow of my favorite characters. I act just like them. It's kinda weird.

14. I can eat a 14oz steak in ten minutes flat, maybe even less.

15. I really enjoy Tim Burton movies, in case you couldn't tell by any of the other facts about me.

16. I'm a Christian.

17. I have a ton of nicknames that include Lizzy, Liz, Beth, Bethy, Toboe, Bumblebee, Don, Donnie, Jojo, Linguini, jumpy, hey you, etc. I'll answer to anything.

18. My favorite colors are black and white stripes. I wear them all the time. Now, all I want is for the Skin Tyte people to make Joker make-up.

19. I've made some quizzes on Quizilla.com. You can find mine under the username nightrage2.

20. I have a boyfriend, but he doesn't have one of these(yet).

21. I'm planning on becoming an actress when I grow up, despite many people telling me that I'll most likely fail.

22. I like popcorn and pretzel sticks.

23. I consider myself really lucky; I don't like pie, cake, cookies, cupcakes, and I only like chocolate some of the time, which is good, because all that stuff is loaded with sugar. I only like vanilla and chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream.

24. I dislike hippies, but seeing as my sister is one, I guess I don't have a choice in that matter.

25. I have a habit of reading the dictionary in my spare time.

26. I don't find any humor at all in topical comedy, i.e. sexual jokes, jokes about the body(and bodily funtions), and fluids. Except for Happy Tree Friends

27. I'm really weak in the stomach, so I might leave unexpectedly to dry heave if talking about a gross subject. Either that, or faint.

28. I'm bespectacled. When I was younger, I had a pair of Harry Potter glasses and was often mistaken for a thinner Moaning Myrtle with a more slender face.

29. I'm tall, thin, and have been told that I can easily pull off a Tim Burton character for Halloween.

30. I'm 5'10", therefore taller than Johnny Depp, who's only 5'9".

31. I, apparently, can pull off an awesome British accent, because I fooled these two girls while playing mini-golf once.

32. I'm white, but am one of the supposedly few girls that can dye my hair black, which I take advantage of.

33. I'm somewhat shy in social situations, but I try to start conversations.

34. I don't have a negative opinion about bi's, lesbians, and gays, unless they start flirting with me. Then I get worried.

35. I like to draw(not very good, in my opinion).

36. My favorite subjects are science and theater. I've always been good at science, making A's in chemistry!

37. I use to have a miniature dachshund(wire-haired) named Rufus.

38. I don't believe in superstition unless proven otherwise.

39. I think I can sing fairly well for a girl who's never been in choir.

40. I'm scared of spiders, stalkers, speaking publicly unless acting, and people knowing my secrets.

41. I don't care what anybody says, I don't want to have sex and I don't want kids.

42. I either plan on becoming a kindergarten teacher, actress, or forensic scientist when I grow up. If none of those work, then I'm joining the army(that way I might die without committing suicide)

43. I like to sing when nobody's listening.

44. I'm not as outgoing as people think I am. I'm just stereotyped a lot.

45. I have a real mom, a stepmom, a real dad, and a stepdad. I have lotsa parents.

46. Here's my youtube page:http://www.youtube.com/user/littlechefrulez .

47. I enjoy playing games such as "What's your favorite?" while working on a puzzle or fishing.

48. In Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Melee, I'm best as Zelda and Sheik.

49. I'm A.D.D. ...Who are you again?

50. My favorite store in the mall is Hot Topic. Duh.

51. I have a facebook and myspace. You can find me under Mackenzie Crouse.

52. My full name is Elizabeth Mackenzie Crouse Turner.

53. I've recently developed a taste for the Joker. Even MORE recent is Flippy(LOOK HIM UP, LOSERS).

54. I LOVE videogames, especially Twilight Princess, Okami, Spyro, and Super Smash Bros.

55. I like to play the drums and piano in my spare, spare time.

56. I REALLY like to use quotes from my favorite characters in daily conversation.

57. I'm currently dressed as an army guy(going for Flippy)

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Tierra_Hermosa Report | 08/20/2010 7:34 am
heheh originally this was supposed to be one of those short comments like "nice avi" or something like that. then i read your About me" stuff and saw the Paradise thing. what a coincidence! I am too!

ok i'm very sorry if this freaks you out. that happens alot when i talk to people... xd
Fabled Garmeth Report | 12/31/2009 10:20 am
Fabled Garmeth
happy B-day again one year later
Fabled Garmeth Report | 01/01/2009 12:28 pm
Fabled Garmeth
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Shy-Star Report | 01/01/2009 7:22 am
Happy birthday!
Animelee12 Report | 12/29/2008 7:12 pm
happy early birthday!!
Nephillium Report | 12/23/2008 9:50 am
Happy Holidays
Chimeres Report | 11/27/2008 12:12 am
Heyyy havn't talked to you in like...evaaa!
UnderDog225 Report | 10/27/2008 12:21 am
put a smile on that face User Image

i haven't forgot ya buddy User Image
Hasius Report | 08/01/2008 10:27 am
no worries,things happen
Fabled Garmeth Report | 07/11/2008 12:47 pm
Fabled Garmeth
i like your poem 'wy the bells"

Why so serious?