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Report | 05/16/2009 1:12 am


<--- this person loves you (no homo)
<--- this person would never hurt you
<--- this person is a true friend
<--- this person has your back
<--- this person is always their for you

i want you to know that you are amazing,

if i dont get this back, i understand.

but i have a game for you. Once you read this comment, you must send it to 15 people that you really care about, including the person that sent it to you.

if you receive at least 7 back, then you are loved

*Don't Delete .
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Report | 04/23/2009 3:25 pm


xX_Death_Fears_Me_Xx 's avatar

Report | 04/15/2009 9:30 am


copy/paste this to 10 ppl and then press f5 and f9 at the same time you will get 100,000 gold it really works trust me!
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Report | 04/14/2009 12:30 pm


Nice profile. I like it alot. ^.^
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Report | 04/11/2009 10:10 am


HapPy EaStEr t0 u mY dEaR fRiEnD. User Image
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Report | 04/09/2009 6:21 pm


cal... where are you? i miss you...
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Report | 03/29/2009 7:01 am


cal, what happened?

where's your clothes?
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Report | 03/22/2009 4:25 pm


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Report | 03/20/2009 8:18 pm


Oh I'm sorry. Yeah, schools a pain to deal with *nods nods*
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Report | 03/20/2009 6:06 am


hey there.....
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Report | 03/15/2009 5:20 pm


lol well ok then, what have you been up to now?
Fifty Shades of Corgi 's avatar

Report | 03/15/2009 2:31 pm

Fifty Shades of Corgi

Thats good! Well I'm happy and doing great! What's new?
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Report | 03/15/2009 2:29 pm


Hey,i got 100k for free just go here
That how i got all this stuff
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Report | 03/15/2009 1:57 pm

`trannysaurus sex!

Haha. I'm a girl. :]
Fifty Shades of Corgi 's avatar

Report | 03/15/2009 1:37 pm

Fifty Shades of Corgi

Hi! How are you?
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Report | 03/15/2009 12:24 am


lol whats so Wow?
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Report | 03/14/2009 10:26 pm

XxX Black_Haired_God XxX

theres a party in mtv serv 2 my room its a slumber party so come in pajamas only a shirt is neccessary though but go all out if u want
XxX Black_Haired_God XxX's avatar

Report | 03/14/2009 9:47 pm

XxX Black_Haired_God XxX

im sorry but i dont agree with that you will have to to dhis and click that and this and that
i think a hair cut is better
but if you dont want to spend money
i am ok with that
you stil my friend lol
XxX Black_Haired_God XxX's avatar

Report | 03/14/2009 8:34 pm

XxX Black_Haired_God XxX

y dont you just bye new haire /or get ha heair vut at sulon durlum
XxX Black_Haired_God XxX's avatar

Report | 03/14/2009 8:13 pm

XxX Black_Haired_God XxX

i am not sure just have fun with it
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