more than my looks

I'm Gabi, but you can call me Apple if you want. I'm down to earth and love to talk. If you want to know more, start talking, because you don't get to know me, without me getting to know you too. Or you can check out my bites and learn from them what you're getting yourself into.

wanna take a bite?

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A poison apple

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any ideas?

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you can try and dress like me but you can never look as hot as me


I WANT IT!! :(

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if you want to help thanks if not, ah well

little poison apple- sweet as an apple but deadly as poison

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Birthday: 06/20

I have proof youre stalking me!!!


Heyy everyone!! this be lexyy hacking gabbeh's page!! xD Gabbeh ish mi slut soo back off bitchez ok! xP shes like soo awesome. Im her stalker to ralleh soo dont be taking mi spot k losers! get someone else. Shes TAKEN! soo DONT be a flirt to her. xP She makes new friends just like that, soo if yhu wanna be her friend add her. xD Shes my best friend, so dont be messing with her cuz ur gonna get cussed out and getting ur effing a** kicked by meh! got that whores. well im done.. for now xP ttyl gabbeh love yhu!! -Lexy
- june 17 2k9

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OHH EMM GEEE GABBEH!! yhu just got hacked by lexyy again!! xD haha like wat kev said in his hack, that gabbeh ish his slut first.. but i STOLE!! her from him. haha. FYI ppl kev ish gay! o; and also he ish a loser!! xD jayykayy. gabbehs mi slut now kev!! xP gabbeh ish an awesome person, shes one of mi best friends tew. Im her stalker also, soo no one else stalks her got that bitchez!! xD If yhu see her in ralleh at least say haii xD shes a very nice, fun, outgoing person. Im glad to have her as a friend. :] Boiis dont be all up to her and start ******** her got that! she had enough of that. o-o i think, but w/e haha ILY gabbeh!! mi stolen slut! xD haha baii ttyl
- hacked remake on june 20th 2k9 bitchez xD

Brad's Bite

o.o do u kno who i am <.< >.> if not then dont worry biggrin xD naw this is brad lol gabis one of my best friends lol shes been there to help me thru things that i dont even tho y i should be doing it, many bad thoughts, shes helped me with a lot of stuff, and not to mention shes my gfs best friend, theyve known each other a long time, but anyways lol shes an awesome person, fun to talk to, and hell of a lot of fun to play pool and chess and other online games with xD lol gabis my magicalistical bestie, she came up with the name xD all from a story too long to type xD but shes awesome tho, fun to talk to, shes a great friend to have, if anyone ******** with her at all then theyre gonna have to deal with me, i dont let that kinda s**t happen with my friends, u got a prob with her u got one with me, and if u thik u should try it then go ahead, ill find where u live and rip ur throat out using a piece of sheet rock biggrin jagged edges just ripping thru ur neck xD gory a little i kno lol but the main thing is, be friends, not enemies xD naw lol but gabis a nice person, if u wanna be friends with her then just talk to her, well i could sit here and type more about her and stuff but i got better things to do xDD lmao jk gabi u kno i would lol but i dont wanna make this too long lol anyways, u can get along with me if ur able to get along with her lol well im finished lol

Kevin's bite

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wahmbulance hey! im the one in your dreams wielding a cleaver twisted wahmbulance
eek i scared myself crying

anyways, this is
KEVIN biggrin if u couldnt tell u blind jerks <.< eek jk dont hurt me eek im on gabis page to tell u a lil bit about my slut rofl shes mine so dont u dare call her a slut only i can twisted shes one of my best friends out there, whenever me and her meet up we have so much fun, shes one of the funnest people i know, she always knows how to have a good time wink me and her r always joking around or just having some kind of fun, shes a fun loving person, she is nice to the ppl that actually matter to her, if u dont matter, ur not going to see her nice side, and trust me, she has one of the bitchest sides i have ever seen, she knows how to stand up for herself and for others, she always has my back and i will always have hers, shes one of the strongest ppl i know, she can take care of herself but i will be there to make sure no one pisses with her, if she befriends u, consider urself lucky cuz then ud have a friend for life that will always be willing to fight for u

if i dont like what you say.. you might have nothing left to say anymore

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dark_kuterkillerxx Report | 08/19/2009 12:54 pm
hi ben a while
I Akito Hayama Kun I Report | 07/02/2009 1:45 am
I Akito Hayama Kun I
hi this is the host of the avi contest i am sorry but the fourms is acting up so i will add u to the list as soon as possible

is it happening to u too?
TheDarkestSoldier Report | 07/01/2009 8:57 pm
o ok thx
TheDarkestSoldier Report | 06/30/2009 10:25 am
how do u quest???
RAV3RW0LF Report | 06/28/2009 7:30 pm
hey baby i cant wait to see you soon i love you^^
The_Serial_Psycho Report | 06/20/2009 11:52 am
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Carbonated Kitten Report | 06/19/2009 5:37 pm
Carbonated Kitten
^-^ thank you! so do you have anything special planned for your birthday ?
Carbonated Kitten Report | 06/19/2009 5:23 pm
Carbonated Kitten
;o oh cool! my birthday is coming up soon to, july 17th, ill be 19
Ephemeral Endless Dream Report | 06/19/2009 5:02 pm
Ephemeral Endless Dream
happy early b-day and is there anything u want for ur b-day?
Carbonated Kitten Report | 06/19/2009 5:18 am
Carbonated Kitten
o-o what age are you turning tomorrow?