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My name is Shana. my birhday is november 23. I'm a very cheerful girl. (all most all the time) i'm a freshmen in collage. i also like playing video games. I like to draw too. I can play paino, but i quite. I like talking to myself because i dislike silence. I like summer and winter. WHY? idk! i am told to be not a great singer but i sing anyway XD. I'm not very cute. well sometimes i'm cute sometimes (always) i'm not. My drawings are radical thats the only thing they comment on. (in my school anyway)..... if you wanna check out my art just go to arrow

wahmbulance Item List:
Kottan Bell 6th Gen
Black Web Strap Shoes
Kottan Bell 3rd Gen
Kottan Bell 5th Gen
Kottan Bell 4th Gen
Kottan Bell 5th Gen
Kottan Bell 6th Gen
Kottan Bell 5th Gen
Radio Jack
Steel-plated Ninja Band
Lucky the Cat
Radio Jack
Dark Star


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BeautifulDeathMachine1126 Report | 10/12/2012 4:25 pm
I love your avatar and you profile
Spider-Meister Report | 12/21/2009 5:49 am
15 and thnx for the happy B-day
Kare14 Report | 12/18/2009 5:24 pm
not many days ;til Christmas!! So excited. smile He he he. idk y i put that. Anyways g2g win more gold.
Kare14 Report | 12/18/2009 5:21 pm
Hi!! Sup?? So bored right now. Wish u were on.
sexy_emo_bitch614 Report | 12/13/2009 12:16 pm
me boyfriend
sexy_emo_bitch614 Report | 12/13/2009 6:06 am
dude i really need help!!!!!!
sexy_emo_bitch614 Report | 12/09/2009 12:15 pm
you idiot
sexy_emo_bitch614 Report | 12/09/2009 12:05 pm
sexy_emo_bitch614 Report | 12/09/2009 9:04 am
SNOW DAY!!!!!!!
hijikili Report | 12/05/2009 3:40 pm
wat were we talkin about again


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~~~~~It's Syaoran! ~~~~~


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random stuff

ok random things lol


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I adopted!
Name: Silver
Age: 17
Likes: me
Dislikes: Dr. Eggman
Owner: Shana
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I adopted a bunny!
Name: buns
Age: idk
Likes: hopping
Dislikes: meanies
Owner: shana
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I adopted a dancing thing!
Name: tobi
Likes: being annoying and dancing
Dislikes: meanie
Owner: Shana
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