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Oh! Hey there, I'm Kay Faraday! My Daddy is a prosecutor called Byrne Faraday.
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DraconicFeline Report | 01/30/2018 10:40 am
User Image"... sounds good."
Lynne said. She was definitely not the right authority to ask - she had no idea what the laws around parks were.
Besides 'no littering' and a few other obvious things.
Plus she wasn't a very law-and-order cop.
I'm going to get in trouble, but screw it.

User Image"As long as no one sees, it's probably fine."
After all, what else was public use land for, if not to bury animals?
It wasn't like it was a dead human or, like, toxic waste.
It was a young girl's friend, and he deserved to be next to his godsdamned tree!

User Image"But it's borrow, not steal!"
Lynne emphasized,
"We're giving it back when we're done."
She looked both ways and went into the tool shed.
Not that it would matter too much if someone caught them - flashing a badge and saying 'police business' tended to get people out of your face really fast!
It was a great abuse of power! So fun!
Not that Lynne would ever use it for evil, heck no.
DraconicFeline Report | 12/20/2017 4:59 pm
User ImageLynne took the plastic bag of doughnuts (discretely and respectfully) away from the girl. It was only right, anyway, that she hold the box. As the squirrels's friend and all...
"Yeah. Lets."
Lynne gets out an umbrella and holds it over the girl.
"Where to, kid?"

User ImageLynne knew that squirrels died all of the time, that was just life. But something about how they'd found him, something about how he had died...
Well, it tingled her senses a little. Her detective senses. That she totally had.
But she couldn't quite put her finger on it, and right now the priority was the human. The grieving, sad, young human, who she was literally sworn to protect.

User Image"Are you going to take the little guy home, or...?"
Or what?
Bury him here and now?
Or wait?
DraconicFeline Report | 12/16/2017 8:02 pm
(Its technically you'r go)
User Image"Are you going to be ok?"
Lynne looked at the girl in concern.
"It sounds like he meant a lot to you."
DraconicFeline Report | 08/19/2017 9:20 pm
User Image"And if I ever see you harassing a citizen of this city, young squirrel, you're gonna get it!" she called after the squirrel, shaking a fist for good measure.
Yeah - minute was definitely more like it. Her blood was sugared up, and she wanted more.
Diabetes waiting to happen? Maybe.

User Image"Okay, good luck!" Lynne said.
She hoped that she did find her squirrelly friend. Every kid needed a squirrel friend... or a cat friend? Or a dog friend. A fluffy friend.
Lets just edit the whole thing to 'everyone needs a pet' she thinks, finishing off her doughnuts and idly watching passerby and the girl.

User ImageShe was just about to get up and actually be productive (for a change) when she noticed that the girl had stopped looking and now looked incredibly sad.
Hey, that's kinda different from what she was before. Lynne thought, concerned. She jumped off the bench with maybe too much energy and walked over.

User Image"Hey, what's wr..."
And then she saw it - a dead, white, cute little squirrel under a park table.

User Image"Oh."
Lynne said sadly,
This makes what I was thinking about cute fluffy animals painfully ironic. she thought.
She'd need to hug Missle later.

User Image"I'm sorry."
A few drops of rain began to fall, spattering on a few items of litter and a nearby trash can.
DraconicFeline Report | 07/30/2017 9:22 am
User ImageOhmygosh, Diamonds sounded so cute. Lynne had never seen a white squirrel before with blue eyes.
She wanted to see this squirrrel now, but clearly that was not the one that was here threatening her doughnuts.
Who was a bully, apparently.
Lynne did not like bullies

User ImageLynne gives the NOT DIAMOND squirrel a glare and firmly closes her box.
"Is that so?! Well then, buzz off mister squirrel, before I charge you with loitering! And assault! And thievery! And disorderly conduct!"
She swiped at him.
Because she couldn't ACTUALLY arrest a squirrel, they would get through the bars super easily. And, sadly, animal control wouldn't give her the time of day for a squirrel that wasn't attacking humans...
DraconicFeline Report | 07/25/2017 4:42 pm
User ImageLynne felt a little sorry for the girl, but well, it was a squirrel.
The little guy was probably fine, and would be super happy when he got those apples and sunflower seeds and stuff, right?
She was just about to check the time when the girl told her there was someone behind her.
Lynne tensed - Few things ruffled the detectives feathers more than something like that.

User Image"Wh... who...?"
Lynne turned around very quickly... to come face to face with a squirrel.
"Oh." She blinked at it. "H-hi." How had it snuck up on her so well?!

The squirrel stared back, sizing her up. Those doughnuts sure looked good...

User ImageLynne held the box with the... few... remaining doughnuts close to her.
"No!" she insisted. Like the squirrel would care.

A small rumble of thunder rolled through the sky...
DraconicFeline Report | 07/24/2017 5:26 pm
User ImageDo not put anything past Detective Lynne where her food is concerned.
For that matter, do not come between Lynne and her food.
NOTHING should dare to come between Lynne and her food.
Don't do it.

User Image"Awesome!" Lynne laughed.
What, was she going to fly away into the night or something? Cool. That reminded Lynne of some superhero she'd seen on TV... Masque DeMasque? Nah, wait, he was a thief and he didn't have any bird theme going on with him at all. She'd thought he'd been pretty cool, but he'd been caught, right?
Not her case...

User Image"Hey, yeah. That's kind of unusual, huh." Lynne thought for a moment, "Or maybe he's just getting more nuts, or stuff for his nest? Squirrels kinda run around getting stuff. That's, like, what they do."

User Image"He'll probably be back before you know it!" Lynne stuffed another doughnut in her mouth, wasting no time.
She could not let down her guard!
Not with her food!
Not with a thieving squirrel who knew where!

... behind her apparently.
Silhouetted against a sky that was starting to get very ominous with clouds.

DraconicFeline Report | 07/23/2017 9:30 pm
User Image "I'm pretty sure I said one, kid."
She lets Kay take one, and then huddles over the rest protectively,
"A detectives gotta eat, you know..."

User Image"... Especially if I'm gonna catch theives like you, rawr!"
Lynne makes a falsely fierce face and mock claws, as if about to pounce. Hey, if the kid wanted to pretend to be a thief, why not? Let kids be kids, right?

User ImageOhhh, its a squirrel. Or something.
"So why are you looking under things, if he's in that tree?"
Lynne squints up into the tree - huddling over the doughnuts protectively. HER doughnuts.
"If he steals these, I'll arrest him for being... uh... squirrely! Thats it!"
Lynne laughs.

User Image "Though the handcuffs wouldn't fit."
Lynne may have been seriously considering it...
DraconicFeline Report | 07/23/2017 6:32 pm
Gonna go thru this and get whatever links and stuff i can <3

GT ask blog
DraconicFeline Report | 07/23/2017 6:26 pm
Ghost trick sprites, kinda incomplete but WHAT U GONNA DO


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