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Report | 10/14/2011 1:54 pm


Its Jin :3 you ever give up your profile period I want it smile
The Bearded Lady Jr

Report | 12/27/2010 8:33 am

The Bearded Lady Jr

That's good!
I'm glad to hear that.
So I take it you found a job and what-not?

As for the boy...
He was afraid I would be giving up all of dreams/goals when I told him I'd take care of him during chemo, go out to Utah with him(while he was getting his PhD), and put getting my MLB on hold.
So he said his goodbyes(without actually saying them) and left, so I can continue pursuing my dreams.
...as for my life, it honestly couldn't get worse.
I lost my dad a month ago to AML(aka some form of Leukemia) and had a rather interesting confrontation with a professor who stepped over her ethical guidelines.
BUT! I'm not letting all of it weigh me down.
I had my day of crying, and now I'm working on getting things back to normal.
The Bearded Lady Jr

Report | 11/25/2010 7:50 pm

The Bearded Lady Jr

Hey purty lady!
I haven't talk to you in awhile.
How's life treating ya?
The Bearded Lady Jr

Report | 09/16/2010 8:10 am

The Bearded Lady Jr

I am.
For awhile I was worrying/obsessing over him not texting me.
But now, it's at the back of my brain. I'm just moving on with my life, and having fun.
The Bearded Lady Jr

Report | 09/15/2010 12:13 pm

The Bearded Lady Jr

That's what I've been doing, for quite some time now.
I'm just waiting for him to contact me.
The Bearded Lady Jr

Report | 09/15/2010 4:56 am

The Bearded Lady Jr

Pretty much it's what to do about guy 1.
I'm almost to the point where I don't even care anymore...I'm more pissed than hurt at this point.
The Bearded Lady Jr

Report | 09/13/2010 12:44 pm

The Bearded Lady Jr

I know the feeling..but then I take a deep breath and tell myself tomorrow is another day, so it'll all work out.

Well...this guy and I have a history, that is pretty messed up, yet kinda not.
If the crap that happened between didn't happen, he'd be the guy I'd be spending the rest of my life with.
I know this is kinda crazy, coming from someone as young as me...but it's one of those things that you just know.
I was never sure before. But with him, I am.
Well he has cancer and refuses to go to chemo....AND has a girlfriend.
We've only been kinda sorta talking/catching up for a week, and he's already pulling away from his girlfriend.
Though now I haven't talked to him since Thursday, which isn't uncommon for him.
he has a habit of doing that.

But while him and I were on an extended "hiatus" I kinda sorta developed a HUGE crush on this guy I'd see every day when I'd people watch, while in the library windows.
...and now I have his number and we're talking. But not "talking" talking.
I predicted what he would be like, do to a T...which has kinda weirded me out a little.

I have a feeling I won't get the first guy, because 1.) he doesn't want to hurt his girlfriend, because I'm "ready to love him" 2.) we've each put each other through hell and back, he's afraid of getting hurt 3.) I don't think he wants me to give up on all my dreams and goals to be with him, and go where he wants to go. But I can't live with myself if I don't at least try.
The Bearded Lady Jr

Report | 09/12/2010 1:09 pm

The Bearded Lady Jr

I'm getting overwhelmed with school, work, helping my mom get the house ready to sell...and I'm stuck in this really weird love square.

I'm sorry about your predicament....but cheer up, it'll get better.
Life always throw these kinds of things in our path, to test us.
I know you'll come out on top, with Life in a Sleeper Hold.
The Bearded Lady Jr

Report | 09/11/2010 2:56 pm

The Bearded Lady Jr

About the same.
How/why does yours suck?
The Bearded Lady Jr

Report | 09/10/2010 8:16 pm

The Bearded Lady Jr

Hey gorgeous.
How's life?


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