this s**t owns that s**t

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s**t i'm willing to do art for... maybe

s**t i'm wearing

rando s**t

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some s**t i said

what do i even say about s**t???


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Yong Guk Report | 07/02/2020 11:50 am
Yong Guk
thx for purchase
Blodreina Dragomir Report | 12/11/2019 8:37 pm
Blodreina Dragomir
Thanks for buying 😊
Gold Finchette Report | 03/06/2018 6:06 pm
Gold Finchette
are avi's look like they are married heart
Gold Finchette Report | 02/19/2018 8:15 pm
Gold Finchette
heart dramallama
Clensed Catamite Report | 02/05/2018 3:00 pm
Clensed Catamite
how dare you
Clensed Catamite Report | 02/05/2018 2:26 pm
Clensed Catamite
dun talk bout no pay here ya fokkin sellout lmao
Clensed Catamite Report | 01/27/2018 11:17 am
Clensed Catamite
haha, yeah 'issue', sounds like a deal breaker to me XD glad i never played
Clensed Catamite Report | 01/26/2018 10:00 am
Clensed Catamite
wooow, what the heckidy heck tho
Gold Finchette Report | 07/04/2017 6:49 pm
Gold Finchette
Gold Finchette Report | 07/04/2017 6:47 pm
Gold Finchette
Gold Finchette

that s**t