odd future


L I T T E _ M I S S _ E M O o,o HOEEE . <$$$

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Heide .

fifteen .

single .

your opinion ; not needed .

my birthday is in A U G U S T .

shany_luv ; my sister , add her .

music ;
i LIKE OF . and if you don't know what that means ? K Y S .

swag me out. freak me out, CHECK me out .

okay ; uhm hi , sup ;D ?
this is shany_luv . also known as SHANYCE . and i am Heide's sister
don't ******** with her on my grounds , because your a** will get ROCKED.
she is my little sister by the way . of course i don't agree with half the crazy
s**t she says . but STILL that is my ******** sister , and she is not a noob .
she isn't one of those basic bitches , who does everything the way everybody
else does . me and her got that ODD FUTURE ; SWAG .

kbaii . ******** OFF [x

im_so_GHETTO 913
im_so_GHETTO 913

this is my bro