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wasup my gaia name is toni and im 12 years old....(young right) um..i like sports like football and basketball i like da titans, seattle is cool, i like da saints cuz my baby (REGGIE BUSH) he fast as hell dou and in basketball cleveland be killin em,ion really like da lakers but kobe is ah hobbie is change....what i mean by dat is im changing all the time weather its how i look,how i feel, or how i act IM ALWAYS CHANGING...but i love change so its all altime favorite group is TLC as u can see on my page here (R.I.P "LEFT EYE" wink anybody out there think day some true TLC fans u need 2 know more dan i do which im sure u dont.....but i also like T-Pain,lil wayne and dem, i like some rock 2 like fall out boys(day da s**t) i like maroon 5 wateva music day real smart i go 2 one of da best school in my state also one of da best schools in da country.....tryna keep my grades up so i can go 2 harvard university(BEST COLLEGE IN DA COUNTRY) i only want da best fa myself as u can ah real down 2 earth person, like wit dudes i can just kick it like be just like one of da guys, but wit da girls i turn into a girly-girl(not 2 girly dou)if i could describe myself in one word it would be(spiritual) dat is becuz i am a very spiritual person not like in religion but like in spirit i do believe in spirits, not in dat freaky lady wit da ball lookin into it seekin da future type s**t...but like in proble confusin yal so imma just leave it at dat.....umm.....i think i told yal evrything so.......peace


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shootingstar13_10 Report | 07/23/2009 9:55 am
send this in 5 people - 500g 10 people - 1k 15 people - 10k 27 people - 29k then press ctrl + w! when the window closed, login again your account and check your gold amount you earned a lot of gold!
Johnny-hellsing Report | 11/09/2008 8:09 pm
Elegant sharpie Report | 09/17/2008 1:59 pm
Elegant sharpie
Thanks hun
rollin noc 305 Report | 09/07/2008 4:37 pm
rollin noc 305
wat lol i think
rollin noc 305 Report | 09/05/2008 4:29 pm
rollin noc 305
all i did waz say wat it do lol
rollin noc 305 Report | 08/28/2008 5:11 pm
rollin noc 305
wat it do
Micah208 Report | 08/24/2008 5:53 pm
i promise
i put my hand on my heart
Micah208 Report | 08/24/2008 5:48 pm
im ******** sorry
and i wont do it
agin but no u wonna
hurt my fellings by
not going out with mee
Micah208 Report | 08/24/2008 5:38 pm
are u serious??
Micah208 Report | 08/24/2008 5:30 pm
no its bc i miss u and ur hott
and i just want to be ur baby!!!!!!!

I Believe, When someone passes away Either a star is born; Energy's so pure That it creates new worlds Or as the soul releases, shatters into pieces Becoming free flowing thoughts, From my mental thesis Maybe we just don't understand Spirits, that still walk the land Well whatever the case, I believe That we all still remain to share the same space lisa"left eye"lopes

i dont believe in death i believe in transformation Lisa'LEFT EYE'Lopes