Name: Robbie
Real name: Lirea
Age:...Huh? What's that?
Sex:...You caught me on that one again.
Bio: I was created By the ruler of the most sane side of slient hill, I was once human but was found by a robbie and was taken to the ruler and that is when my birth began. I know roam with the key to enter this most unique world of Silent hill. The key you ask? An egg, it's a mirror of the 'real' world and the world of silent hill. I can traavel between the two worlds, unlike my friends. I must be careful and watch out for the purple mist, for the youngest and the hardest birth I am the weakest and the easiest to be tainted by the darkness....I also can only say 'Ki' and 'Ku' You have to teach me how to talk.

((More story line in jornal...I hope.
In the story the character 'Robbie' is pink but I made make the Avatar blue or white...so yeah...))


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Silent hill: closed curtains

Read this and find out. ((Fanfic!))

What really happened after Silent hill four?