ok, I love NAURTO! House, Desprate House Wives, ER, and Grays Antomy, best shows ever! i play the drums (in my skool band), i like to sing (im in 2 choirs, 1 because i wanted to and the other i had to, gay teacher!) anyway, i have brown hair, and hazel green eyes, i love anime!!!!! and i guess u can say im pretty! i think im pretty, but i think other girls are prettier and that pretty girls think there all that just because guys fall to there feet when they walk down the hall, but some really pretty girls (like my friends) don't get as much as atention as the stupid popular girls, i used to be one of them, but my friends were more important! (and weird like me) one girl (i hate her) she called me a loser just because i hung out with London (my best friend, thats weird, like me) and they were saying bad crap about her and me! so i hate them, and now she thinks she can be all nice to me, well she can't! sorry i talk to much once i have something to say, and my ex boyfriend still has feelings for me (i still have some for him), but were best firends (witch sux, i don't even know why he broke up with me, probably because his stupid cousin, that hates me, told him to, or his parents, witch ever) well i really like him, but he won't even admit to me that he still likes me (although its kinda obvious and he basicaly told that to my other best friend, Caitlin) and i want to get over him because i really like someone else, but he lives far away and if he's not by my side i can't help but still love my ex, crying thats all i gotta say


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Tari Telemnar

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