hi i'm lindsay
i'm from holland (The Netherlands)
y love being on stage...
dancing ( did it for 9/10 years) and acting!!!
i'm on a theatre club.
and i'm a cristian.
i have the best class I could wish for!
where just a big group of friends,not all teachers like that .
me and my friends have 1 time at month a gilrsday, we going to do something fun like shopping or to the cinema.
well thats me :p


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Report | 05/10/2006 5:20 pm


hi!! and ya your pm is dissabled... lol

Report | 03/26/2006 2:21 pm


what nice!!!!!!!! biggrin
youre sooo cute, thanx for the shirt!!!
i don't know what to say anymore...
thanx thanx thanx thanx thanx thanx thanx thanx thanx thanx thanx thanx rofl
its so sweet...

well, hope to see you soon again biggrin
xxx lindsay

lol. Your welcome! Glad you like it.


PS: Your PM is still disabled.

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Sounds like a lot of fun, hanging out with your friends one day of the month. And dancing for 9-10 years! Geez, that's so cool! You must be really good. *nods*

By the way, you have privatemessaging disabled. I won't be able to send mail to you...just letting you know.

My response to your PM:
France? lol. That's pretty cool! I've never been there, or any part of Europe. However, we will in the summer. biggrin Can't wait! The two times I went snowboarding in the US was so fun! But I fell on my rump a lot more times than that of normal. whee Hope you get to try it sometime, it's really a blast!

Best wishes for a great day for ya, (it's four in the morning here...hehe)