Hello, all. This is the part where I tell you stuff about me that, in truth, you should already know. But repetitiveness is not something I'm adverse to.

I'm 25.
I'm male.
I'm straight.
I'm Christian.
I'm a feminist.
I'm pro-choice.
I'm pro-equality.
I'm a gay-rights activist.
I'm a theoretical socialist of the left wing variety.
I'm majored in theatre and philosophy and speak out for the things I hold true.

Any questions?


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Glad to see you around. 3nodding

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was reading through a bit of your Christianity and homosexuality thread and thought I'd leave you a comment. I myself see myself as bicurious (I'd go bisexual but I've never tried dating a woman, I've been attracted to women and of course still am) and a Christian. Never really thought about it to much in high school and it wasn't till college that I realized what I had been feeling toward a friend of mine which of course led me to start feeling awful about myself.

I've researched into it a bit and found with some of my google searching what you've put on your page (that ancient Hebrew doesn't actually HAVE a word for homosexuality) but seeing your research makes me happy. It honestly makes me want to become a translator and try and learn ancient Hebrew so I, myself, could just try and figure out what the raw words of the bible are trying to say. It is sad that the word of God is being lost in the context of bad translations if that's the case.

I honestly don't think God would put these feelings in me and then call them sinful. It'd be like them putting up a rule that says anybody born with a nose is sinning.

I didn't choose this, I've always been this way but I guess conservative Christians would also argue that all man is born with sin so therefor my feelings of love toward a woman are from that sin. I have a hard time going to church (and honestly it's been quite a while, especially to any in my small retirement town) because of the conservative teachings going on there. I also have a hard time identifying myself as a Christian because of those types of people.

I guess they'd call me a hippie.

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That's good, except for not finding a job. :/

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Hey, linaloki, how are things?
4chan is Serious Business

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4chan is Serious Business

"any questions?"

When do we eat?
keito melfina

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keito melfina

Thanks for your awesome threads in the ED. Truly inspiring and lifting after reading them all.

I was truly shocked to learn that the term homosexuality was invented in the late 1800s, and since Judaism was like +2-3000 years, one must logically think that something's up o-o;

*random hug* and I'll dive back into your threads lol sweatdrop
Aino Ailill

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Aino Ailill

Cool Avi.
Burning Sosobra

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Burning Sosobra

While I'm here, I have some horrible movies to recommend if you ever have the time:

Clip from Tommy Wiseau's "The Room". Meant to be a heart-wrenching drama, Wiseau coughed up 8mil for this movie. Bad script, worse acting, overall train wreck and possibly the best movie that will make a man out of anyone. Tommy is the main character, Johnny. The perfect employee, neighbor, friend, fiance, (future) son-in-law and father figure to a confused man-child. Things suddenly turn to s**t for him and, well, this movie is his personal blow-job. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mQ4KzClb1C4&feature=related

"Lost Skeleton of Cadavra" - Intentionally bad. It's B&W and kind of slow but It's very well done and hilarious. A scientist and his wife go looking for a falling star with large quantities of atmospherium which will shake the foundation of everything they believe in. Another scientist wakes the Lost Skeleton of Cadavra whom also requests this atmospherium for his own evil deeds, while a couple aliens run out of fuel for their ship which is made of...*GASP* Motha 'uckin' atmospherium. Awkwardness ensues. Oh, random monster appears. And a cat-lady named Animala. My friends and I decided to play a drinking game with this movie once. Taking a shot every time someone says "science" or "atmospherium." is a very dangerous idea. Never again. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0BlqogvkOpI (P.S. They're releasing part two next year, I'm so exciting I feel the need to explode, implode and explode again)

"Shark Alarm of the Mediterranean" - Originally in German, the English translation is god awful. Awful, stinky, which makes it beautiful. The plot is simple: Main character's wife is killed by a shark. Main character runs from the pain to pretty island. Same shark that killed wife appears and starts killing again. Main dude seeks revenge. Towards the last half of the movie, they completely rip off a scene from "Terminator" frame by frame, word for word. This link is not that particular scene but an example of the enthusiasm you will find: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mqgtn5muHyc

Finally, any 80's-mid90's kid will remember this fool - Vanilla ice in "Cool As Ice". V-Ice's motorcycle breaks down in this tiny 50's-esque neighborhood and decides to be all CRAZY and ZANY and runs around trying to impress people, especially the main female who he wants to sex, makes fun of her b/f for being a square and of course, the main heroine's parents hate him because he's just too damn WACKY. Main chick's little bro is kidnapped and held for ransom because dad got wrapped up with some bad people and it's up to Ice to save the day. Singing and dancing will be found. It's cheesy and painfully nostalgic. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ex_gBUtEuMw&feature=related

I host "Bad Movie Night" at my house, I'll post more later if you have any interest. smile
Burning Sosobra

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Burning Sosobra

As you may have noticed, I rarely visit Gaia these days. I miss talking to you, I hope all is well. *hugs* How have you been? What is new?

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Thank you for giving me hope in such a cruel and sinful world.
God bless you and your family. I thank God for creating people like you.
Your Sister in Christ Jesus, Child of God, and a shining light in a dark world.


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