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hotfudgesundaegirl Report | 03/04/2008 6:29 pm

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mimisosa Report | 03/03/2008 3:13 pm
you won!!!! yay! congrats
mimisosa Report | 02/24/2008 8:18 am
another random comment by mimisosa:

sings* i've got a lovely bunch of coconuts diddily diddily dee there they are a standing in a row. Bumb bumb bumb big ones small ones some as big as your head. * stops singing*

i never had do this when mufasa was king.
Tactical Advance Gamma Report | 02/16/2008 9:22 am
Tactical Advance Gamma
Practice practice practice. User Image
Tactical Advance Gamma Report | 02/15/2008 3:16 pm
Tactical Advance Gamma
Hiya, I don't mind a bit. Level 96, I think... I normally quit after the level 90 bonus item though, since the game takes quite a lot of time and the gold granted for each level seems to go back down. I've heard of people getting past level 200 though. User Image
irottweiler Report | 02/14/2008 3:35 pm
yo back
mimisosa Report | 02/14/2008 1:36 pm
Happy Valentines Day!!!!!!!
irottweiler Report | 02/08/2008 6:21 am
sup dude
LoveMYdick Report | 02/06/2008 12:34 am
thats good^^

and im fine^^
LoveMYdick Report | 02/05/2008 11:04 pm
hay how are you^^

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