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I used to be randomhex. Now I'm lilyhex.
I do art and alchemy, as well as a little Lake Kindred.
These pixels and profile art are mine.

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SissyAshlynn Report | 06/06/2016 4:32 am
Very likely. It's been (probably) a couple years @.@ Gaia RPs were so short, though xD I've been enjoying consistent storyline RP and side RP on ESO, so that's why I hardly pop up on Gaia unless it's just to check things out for a bit before going back offline again. The game itself is kinda expensive (roughly 60 usd, not counting subscription costs), so I won't just flat out say you should play, but it *is* pretty fun imo, and gives a good RPer a chance to join up to 5 guilds on their account, and some of them have guild websites where you can create a character bio and just play as that character in RP :3 nto to mention PVE and PVP stuff that's pretty much everywhere.
SissyAshlynn Report | 06/05/2016 2:57 pm
Actually, after looking over your profile, I think I remember how we met! Doing ZOMG stuff wayyyy back when!
SissyAshlynn Report | 06/05/2016 2:56 pm
I log in from time to time, but I mostly spend time on ESO lately ^^ I swear yours is familiar, too, but at the same time my memory is horrible about some people and things @_@
MyDyingLight Report | 05/05/2016 10:00 pm
heart heart heart Yay.
MyDyingLight Report | 04/19/2016 5:36 pm
Aw, thank you so much!

Markiplier is right~ heart heart
Loki903 Report | 10/12/2015 6:43 pm
thanks XD yeah a lot of it I've gone through or just cleared off when i've grown out of looking for it. i made it YEARS back when i was still a newbie.. but hey i've made good progress lately with kindred lake! ^^ so maybe i'll get it done someday! :3 thanks again. and you have a wonderful day! heart
Loki903 Report | 10/12/2015 6:11 pm
aah thank you so much! ^^ aah i see i hadn't heard of that item! >w< it means a lot to have someone help with thpose hard to find ones :3 I'll make sure to put them to the best use! i've got so many ideas i can use now! thank yooou~! if ya ever need anything i'll gladly help as best i can! :3 maybe see if i have anything laying round since i've got a lot of stuff from Kindred lake and gates from loyals.
Fredy-san Report | 08/29/2015 8:12 am
There are only two spoiler buttons there. Which are the media enlarge button and the side deck push-pull button.

For tutorial, there is none which directly about this thing atm. But you can gather up info about how the spoiler button works over the profile discussion subforum, I remember there was a thread asking about making the spoiler push-pull effect few months ago. Then you should be able to create the effect.
Taiyo x Report | 09/09/2013 7:45 am
Taiyo x
Thank you very much! heart heart
Maika Yuri Report | 05/06/2013 9:06 am
Maika Yuri
cool avi biggrin

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