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My name is Lilyan Ide Benavides. Most people call me Lily though. I am 13 and my birthday is March 1, 1996. My favorite color is pink<3 I hate when people are too nice to me, I know it's weird. As a matter of fact, I can be the craziest person ever, really I can be you should just see what happens when I'm alone with Alexis. We have the craziest times ever.I just so happen to be such a blonde, I can say just about thee stupidest things ever. I used to be tall but I think I shrank because I am extremely short. You can say I am a nice person but honestly I can be such a meanie poop especially to ALEXIS, poor innocent ALEXIS. Ha. I bite my nails. I need to stop but its hard. I love the movie Now and Then that movie is amazing!. I am in love with the show Jon & Kate plus 8! those kids are adorable. If you get on my nerves ill probably want to slap you in the knee x] except ferr Yellow cab thats just a random thing we do x]. Friends family and animals are the things i care about the most. I txt a lot so ask ferr the digits yesh?. Pinkie promises mean a lot to me. Do you see the bunny!?!. I secretly have this list in my mind of things I have always wanted to do and im determined to do it smile .I have a best friend her name is Yellow Cab, if you were her you would get it :].I have fallen in the shower before (be careful it hurts).I sometimes have these strange spazz moments where I go crazy all of the sudden, i scare myself sometimes O.o.Im very confusing at times and I confuse myself as well.I say Ello a lot I dont know why its just a habbit. Im scared of clowns there not even funny! I hate the dark. I love the rain.I love to watch LMN gahh thats channel is amazing! I can give advice and people say I give very good advice, but the thing is I dont know how to listen to my own advice.My heros are Silvana and Keely, they are amazing people. Well anyway I lost people, I met people, I did things I did and didnt regret. But it's my life and I try to deal with it. I hope you find me intresting enough to start a conversation :]

Alexis was here!Oh yeahh razz

Ello (:

The Bestfriend.<33


Carolina Liar<3


All Time Low<3