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Hey! I'm Lily -- thanks for visiting my profile! Me, summarized? I'm short, reserved, an oldbie (but not a lifer), usually reading a book on my phone, with a fierce sarcastic streak. I have a cat, a husband, and a library of books, so I'm pretty much living my best life.

CURRENTLY Questing: Doubled items to be donated into Pesty's Elf-stravaganza Charity thread. Click the button! User Image

FUTURE Quests: Christmas gifts! I love opening present boxes on Gaia.

PAST Quests:
Case of Pietro, 3rd gen. -- Lyndexer's Journal, 10th gen. -- Twister the Fire Phoenix -- Sexy Present (Valentine's Day 2k9) -- Smok the Baby Dragon -- Vampire Hunter Hat -- Gothic Veil -- Spring Nymph -- Deluxe Witch's Cauldron -- Wensleydale Prep Uniform -- Green Body Dye -- Easter Event 2010 Chirpy -- GO Player -- Master's Pet Pendant -- La Jolie Dormeuse -- Werewolf Pup [gifted by Kiya! heart ] -- Lunar Cowl -- Secret Butterflies -- Dappy Dandy, 10th gen. -- Bacchus -- The Widow -- Neck Shackle -- Long-Stem Black Rose -- Kottan Bell, 7th gen. -- Red Riding Hood -- Azuramella -- Spirit of Scotland -- Silken Imports -- Wintertide Cap -- Mackintosh the Scottie Plushie -- Sundae Sweets -- Fremere's Guard -- GO Phones -- Overlander Duster -- Black Ops Gear -- RAVE -- Captain Ara's Nestegg -- Let It Snow

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As a writer, it's good to have journals scattered everywhere. Here's one of them.


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[b:6b52d53c5a]HUGE[/size:6b52d53c5a][/b:6b52d53c5a][/color:6b52d53c5a] thanks to my anonymous benefactor. I will always treasure this gift. crying heart

Chibi Cthulhu by Copper Key ^w^

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Fast Facts

Favorite animal: hedgehog
Harry Potter House: Slytherin
Current video games: LEGO Incredibles, Sims 4

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Currently reading:
Mary Higgins Clark's Every Breath You Take

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Jim Butcher's Brief Cases
Max Landis's Superman: American Alien

Coming up:
Scott Westerfeld's Imposters
Mary Higgins Clark's I've Got My Eyes on You
M.C. Beaton's Death of a Greedy Woman
M.C. Beaton's Death of a Travelling Man
M.C. Beaton's Death of a Charming Man
M.C. Beaton's Death of a Nag

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Head Up Your Astronaut Report | 04/13/2015 9:44 pm
Head Up Your Astronaut
sorry! i just saw your comment on my profile! in case you were still wondering, my hair (at the moment) is Gimme Metal with the agape scissors applied!
heavymetalgirl Report | 03/29/2015 2:54 pm
Thank you! I love your avatar as well. The tree is from Captivated Mona.
Shanra the Dragon Bard Report | 10/29/2014 4:37 pm
Shanra the Dragon Bard
So is today your Gaiaversary? I saw the note, but wasn't sure when you wrote it. If so, happy anniversary!
LinkLuver Report | 08/24/2014 9:08 pm
happy birthday!
Vile Atrocities Report | 08/20/2014 7:06 pm
Vile Atrocities
Hehe, you're welcome~ heart
Kiyanga Report | 05/13/2014 7:56 am
razz How could I say no? Also, heart

When my exams are over, we should plan our picnic!
Kiyanga Report | 05/11/2014 10:17 pm
LinkLuver Report | 04/19/2014 9:24 pm
Thank youuu!
Norse Battle Cats Report | 04/11/2014 3:08 pm
Norse Battle Cats
That is the most wonderful comment ever.
KooHoo-P Report | 03/02/2014 7:13 pm
Oh... I'm sorry to hear about your ex unfriending you. But... maybe it was just something he felt was best? I dunno, I can't help but empathize with him much easier. He probably misses you a lot and feels he needs to forget you so he isn't as stressed? I dunno, just vague speculation. I can't say anything since I don't know your situation with him. But uh, I didn't mean to put you guys on the backburner or anything. I just didn't feel like talking to anybody and I had nothing to say.

Well, at least the other supervisors are aware of it. So if he indeed does use his authority position to do anything he shouldn't, the other supervisors will rectify anything he does I'm sure. Sorry to hear that you have to put up with it though :/

And yes! Let's start replies in the thread now! *flies off to the charity*

Today, I feel... hedgehog-y