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Must admit, not much to say.

I can start by saying that my name is Khalil.
I'm 17
I love to listen to music and the genres I like are metal, rap and classical.
I love anime and if you do then we should definitely be talking biggrin


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Kadifoo Report | 01/18/2018 11:55 am
Hi emotion_awesome
platio Report | 06/30/2015 12:00 am
hi man ^O^
P_Justine_R Report | 04/15/2015 1:49 am
It's changed so much here, apparently zomg's gone too. Crazy.
P_Justine_R Report | 03/15/2015 7:00 am
I've been pretty good, it's been 3 months since you asked but there you have it. And how are you?
P_Justine_R Report | 11/03/2014 2:04 pm
Hello~ How have you been?
P_Justine_R Report | 08/30/2014 10:04 pm
Don't worry about the late reply, this is the first time I've checked it since I sent the last one haha. Things seem to have changed a bit on here, still probably not for the better. We may have to find some other way of chatting before this site really sinks. That's too bad about that place but I guess things would be boring if they always worked out. Which ones are you reading now that have official english translations?
P_Justine_R Report | 08/12/2014 4:47 pm
I love anime and manga but that store is actually pretty far away from where I live crying looks cool though. Sorry it took me so long to reply, idk if I've just outgrown gaia or if management has really gotten that sucky, I'd vote for management, but it's not so much fun anymore. It's great that you're finding new places to hang out though, I remember you saying you wanted to explore more places 3nodding
P_Justine_R Report | 07/28/2014 11:01 pm
Hi there~
P_Justine_R Report | 07/12/2014 5:32 pm
No I've only been here since February but once you get your ID doesn't that count as a resident? I don't actually know about these things sweatdrop but whatever. Good luck with your better job search.
P_Justine_R Report | 07/10/2014 1:29 pm
Happy Birthday~!! My July has been quiet. I finally got my ID so now I'm an acutal resident. That's really about it. What's your job doing?