mE!!! ^.~ <3

Hellooo : ]

Hello ^^ It's me Ka~~~~

ummm...i dunno...
I'm intrigued by iNtErEsTiNg ThInGs.....I'm a VeRy CuRiOuS PeRsOn (only on things i am interested in~ ReDuNdAnT? yes, i know haha ^^ ) <3......

I <3 Asian Horror films and a good asian Drama(i grew up with them >.> ), fan of a good ghost story...Scare me~ haha =D!!!

I am a friendly person....but don't take adantage D8<!!!! i will haunt you!!!......heh not really j/k i will just really dislike you and then voodoo you.......yup~ But don't be afraid to comment me or PM me I will be friendly ^^.
Oh, i write out AwEsOmE like this ---> AwEsOmE ~ Just to Emphasize how AwEsOmE AwEsOmE is :]
...Blank :O ...Well if you have gone to this part of the page, I will be holding some giveaways... gaia is now...eeehhhh, I've had this account for well over 3 years.
: ]


Ka: I hate people...well some...
May: *sigh* but Ka~ hating is too much work. Caring is easier~ ^-^
Ka: Not if it comes naturally :]
May: so does caring...
Ka: not for me...
May: ...
Ka: *Win*

(no hate really intended~ just a joke :] )
(Don't take my sense of humor seriously or you'll end up badly hurt...haha x.x)

I'm a pessimist~ just oh so naturally a pessimist (to ruin your day not mines xD) ^^

if you haven't gotten my sense of humor yet~ then you're just plain shtupid o.o(jk!)
...look up sarcasm mines special~ haha jk... : )

"Mean people are shtupid" o.o
- Anon...