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~ My Biography~

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I'm Lilly Orozaki, my age is 21 as you can see I love writing, well typing. I'm in love in making stories to pictures sometimes I wish i could've been a writer of poetry. when ever i look at a single picture i feel like i should add a story to it that i feel what it looks like to me. I can draw but not that well, I can Sing but not as well. I have a youtube acccount called DreamLillyAngel filled with my voice and randomness, It may look sucky but i don't care for criticism when it comes to my singing, when it comes to my poetry in writing i do care because i put my heart and feelings to it. I am a good person, yet very shy. I am blunt, but with a hint of well mannered lets just say I am Unique, Myself filled with mystery. I wear mask of hiding my true feelings, don't everyone do it.

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~ The Dragon Who protects ~

This dragon guards and protects for those that needs protection

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~The Wandering Fairy~

Through the night I Cry for those that I feel, I there is no hope for that I have fear. I walk into the forest of night where all my mythical creatures play and have such delight, I watch them you see feeling pretty happy knowing they have each other as a pair. I wonder where I can find my pair because if i don't I'll be sad with despair. I shall look for the one that will stay by my side, so I will be filled joy. Messing with a creatures mind isn't a toy, it will break it's heart if not honest of pure heart. As I walk further, and further no other mythical creature were not for me.The first was very rude, and didn't care at all if I was in pain. Then there was the second, filled with tricks at the same time filled with lies. I felt more and more sad thinking what if this happen, or what if that ends up turning bad. The more I thought tears came down my pale skin, my hands begins to quiver. Finally, I cried engulf in sorrow for two thousands years when suddenly I heard a rustle around the bush. " how long are you going to cry? don't you have a pair to fill your heart with light? Why oh why do you cry? Do not be stirred with sadness for I to have no pair to fill my heart with light. You are the same as me looking for that one light in ones pure heart. Will you be my light to my heart I'm pretty sure I can be your lovely life". I looked at the mythical creature surprised with this offer I agree and felt no longer alone i held onto this lovely white creature and sang a song with lovely delight

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Jaheiro Takahashi
Yes - means: 2 things. Balance of Shadow and Fire and "I may have been, I may have existed"


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