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Name: Lilliana Hunter
Nickname: Lilly Hunt
Age: 27
Date of Birth: May 14th 1981
Height: 5ft 8in (68in)/ 1m 75cm (175cm)
Weight: 145 lbs/65.5 Kg
Hair: Black, shoulder length, side part
Eyes: Left eye light-blue, right eye dark blue

Occupation: Elite Hacker
NetName: Deathbloom
Place of Birth: Adelaide, Australia
Current Location: Unknown

Markings:: One tattoo upon her upper right arm of unknown description; rumoured to be another below her belt of unknown description; a scar across her right eye of unknown origin (not seen due to the cut of her hair).

Preferred Weapon/s:

Desert Eagle Mark XIX .357 magnum Pistol; Magazine capacity: 9 (plus one in the chamber); Length: 10.75 inch. (273 mm); Height: 6.25 inch. (159 mm); Width: 1.25 inches (32 mm); Weight (Empty): 1766 grams (62.4 oz.)

Falchion Medieval Sword Sabre w/ Scabbard; Overall Length: 29 Inches; Blade Length: 22 inches; Handle Length: 6.25 inches; Blade thickness: 0.125 inches; Blade Width: 1.125 inches;

Preferred Vehicle: 2007 Hummer H3; 4-Dr Utility; 3.7L; 5 Speed Manual; Four Wheel Drive; Color: Metallic Black with a Cherry Red Pearl Exterior, Black and Blood-Red Interior; Plates: BiteMe

Preferred computer: Sony Vaio Prestige Notebook VGNSZ48GNC, 2GB RAM, Wireless RAM; NVIDIA® GeForce® Go 7400 GPU; 13.3” wide LED Display; RJ45 Ethernet; RJ11 Modem, Memory Stick Duo Slot; Port replicator connector; Bluetooth® standard version 2.0 EDR; 2.4GHz Built-In MOTION EYE Camera; Modem: V.92 and V.90 Compliant; Battery: Up to 6.5 hours of use with supplied lithium-ion battery; Dimensions (WxHxD): 315 × 21.8-32.6 × 234.3mm; Weight: 1.69kg (including supplied battery)

Background Information:*

Lilliana, or Lilly for short, is the youngest child of three. She has two older brothers (Deacon and Samael) who inevitably tortured her relentlessly and made her somewhat of a TomBoy... that is to say, Lilly has never worn a dress in her life, nor does she even own a piece of make up. She stands about average for a female, and though she is less then the average weight of a female her size, she is by no means weaker. Her body, beneath her baggy boys clothes, is the lithe body of an Olympian. She's extremely dexterous and knowledgeable in many sports, though she's never played for any sports team in her life.

Lilly is also rather technical minded, preferring a night in front of the computer (either messing with it or with someone else online via it) to sitting in front of the television or going out for a night on the town. This fascination started when she was younger and learnt more then basic mechanical skills from her brothers and their cars. This naturally progressed to other devices including the computer, and it's here that her interests really excelled.

She has a rap sheet, with several different national and international law enforcement agencies, due to her 'childish endeavours' when she was a young teen. Several times she got 'busted' in the networks of facilities she was never meant to even know about.... however, now she is older and wiser and doesn't get caught as often. Still she has a great paranoia, and so she tends to move from one state to the next and sometimes even overseas for short periods to avoid being tracked down.

This doesn't bother her in the slightest though, as a parent-less child raised by her older brothers, she often moved from place to place to avoid child welfare services. They adored her (even if she was female) and promised their dying father that they would do everything they can to help her. Several days after her 21st birthday her brothers and Lilly went their separate ways on their own quests, and though they keep in contact via phone and internet on a regular basis they have only caught up approximately twice a year face to face since. This is for no other reason then the boys do not wish to drag her into their world, nor Lilly them into hers.**

Currently Lilly's holed up in the shady part of town, in a single bedroom apartment that isn't in the best of conditions. She's made it into a home of her own though, prepared to pay the extra to be on the top floor with the view of lights of town at night, her Hummer parked in a dark alley behind the building (though with the security features she's installed herself it's nigh on impossible to steal it so she doesn't much care where it's parked). She makes her cash online during the darkest hours, and hides from the light during the day in her darkened room with her music playing.

She's well off, though not excessively rich, and is willing to take on about any job that's asked of her... if you know how to get in contact with her. There isn't much that she won't do, [nor much that she is unable to do... as she tells her 'potential clients'. This is not a matter of bragging, it's simple truth. Anything computer orientated Lilly is capable of doing, and if it's new technology then give her a night and she'll be able to grasp the coding inside and out.

Lilly epically sucks when it comes to people skills though, she can become very brisk and confrontational when she begins feeling uncomfortable, hence her penchant for nightime escapades when it's quiet and more relaxed then the bustle of daylight hours. She's intelligent and eloquent with her speech when she wishes to be, but at other times she can swear like a sailor and cuss like a trooper... and can insult with all the fury of a scorned woman.

Those that do know her understand her hows and whys though they may not have knowledge of the full story of how she came to be who she is. Most of these friends are 'online' and very rarely get to meet her face to face, or get involved in her activities. She's a loner, with a craving to be understood and loved, but with a complete inability to understand how to get to that point with another being. To open up and let them in, to come to trust someone else, and truly be with them.**

* Please note, this "History" will change with every roleplay, but this is the general standard information used as the character was designed with this in mind. RPs that can incorporate these are always loved.

**This can be explained in game, depending on the situation at hand and the setting of the storyline. There are numerous options available to make this a major part of Lilly's background, or simply to keep it in this minor sense as it is.

***Please not, this doesn't mean she/I am in the mood all the time for a Romance/Pr0n, it's a simple fact that Lilly isn't designed to be around other people which is half the challenge of playing her/playing with her. If you're not in the mood to put in the effort to get to know her, and keep yourself in the RP please don't even start trying.

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Item List:
#0000FF Complex Shirt Purchased
Black Street Pants Donated by Mea-eshana
Charred Tundra Boots Dontated by Lunar_Lawyer
Natural Coral Pendant Purchased
Lawl And Order Belt Bought on the n00b quest
Romani Glasses Purchased
Detective Kit Donated by Mea-eshana
Red Leather Belt Purchased
Ancient Katana Quest Complete with the help of Mea-eshana
G9 Laptop Donated by Solar Solicitor and Bravardo

My Forever Quest:
Portable Stereo Headphones
-About 30,000,000 gold... not gonna happen in a hurry-

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i miss you. ):

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happy birthday(:
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