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Lilla's profile (might be done anything i need to add?)

Name: Lilla Muchi

Blood lines: Half Archangel, ¼ panther demon, ¼ tiger demon

Age: Looks to be 20. Has lived since 8000 BC

Pets: 4 dragons (Trinity, Messira, Lucian, Drendel), a cat demon (karma), and a meta morph (Fang)

Weapons: Normal form she uses her sword(blade of the angels/feathersword) and bow fire balls and ice knifes, Demon form claws, staff/ double bladed sword blue fire and ice, Angelic form uses energy and a sword and bow.

Skills: Lilla is a master of archery and a master swordsman, when not in her demon form she can astro project and use minor telepathy (control non-living objects for short periods of time, move things weighing 50 pounds or less in short distances up to 25 feet)(archangel move things weighting 150 pounds make control some animals and freeze time for a few seconds). Can heal minor to mild wounds in a small amount of time (takes at least a minute for minor, 3 for mild, major wounds if not dead at least a day to a week)(archangel minor and mild wounds don't phase her and any damage done to her normal form would turn mild except missing limps they come back but are broken/unusable). can form blue fire and ice in normal and demon form. (ultamite form= unknown mixing of demon and angel forms)

Details: Lilla has purple eyes and a fairly nice appearance. In normal form she has black hair with cat whiskers and black ears. She also has archangel and demon sides to her. In archangel she has white hair with black streaks and when in the air flowing light blue/purplish wings. In demon form she has black hair with gold streaks and fangs along with golden stripes along her body. Her Archangel and Demon sides clash so when in archangel form the area she is in will change her (water= tail, land=wings). In demon most times she is already if not held back a large Pantiger (panther, tiger hybrid) making her a large agile cat with black spikes coming from her back. But when held back she looks somewhat human. She can run faster than the average person but can’t travel more than 4 miles without stopping when doing so. She can only hold her angel or full demon form under control for a short period of time 30 minutes before it will try to take over and hurt her till forcing her to change back. She can most the time control which she changes into though rarely (1 out of 10 turns) her body changes for her (in rage demon, near death archangel).

Bio: Lilla lost her family and tribe at a very young age and was taken in by her father for a short while till her demon side started showing through and Micheal (archangel/father) was told she could not stay and train with the other archangels and angels. He took her to live among humans in a noble house where she learned how to master her skills in weapons and to tame her demonic side. She hopes that one day she will be able to go back to her fathers side and be an archangel fallowing in his foot steps. With no other family or and her tribe having been destroyed along with their homeland she can only hope for such.

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Grims Sakura Report | 04/15/2014 8:12 am
Mag!!! <3
Raindrop Dijeoteu Report | 02/21/2013 12:13 am
Hey, Lila. ^^ Cute avii.
Raindrop Dijeoteu Report | 02/07/2013 8:48 pm
*Pictures a drunk kitten*
Hilarious mental image is hilarious.
Raindrop Dijeoteu Report | 02/06/2013 11:32 am
So then its: cheese_whine with a cat_4laugh on the side? XD
Raindrop Dijeoteu Report | 02/05/2013 10:04 pm
Yay for pokes! And doughnuts...Doughnuts are the shiz. yum_donut
Raindrop Dijeoteu Report | 02/05/2013 9:40 pm
Ok, good, so now I can breathe, knowing that you don't hate me. XD
Raindrop Dijeoteu Report | 02/04/2013 10:00 pm
Okay, can I just start off by saying that I am super, super, SUPER sorry that I deleted you from my friends list? Accidents tend to happen when you clean out your friends list at 3 AM. sweatdrop
Xena Valentine Report | 12/04/2012 10:35 pm
Sorry its late... But Happy Birthday! I`m having a rough week so I kinda forgot. sweatdrop
Raindrop Dijeoteu Report | 11/02/2012 5:28 pm
Hey. ^^ Long time no talk. Remember me?
1234boo75 Report | 10/07/2012 1:55 am
miss you too and yeah im doing ok at the moment i geuss :p heart

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