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hobo nucker Report | 08/12/2009 1:13 pm
hobo nucker
User Image
LuuLuu_900 Report | 05/15/2009 7:52 pm
lol...im so wackk, iight see @ school on tuesday
(mon-victoria day) HAVE FUNN ! LOVE YAH LOTS
ur dha best wifeyy (L) smile anyways miss u,
and dont put to much pressure on ur mind bout all this s**t iigh.
im always here for u.. REMEMBER DAT ! OK (L)
Resiliency Report | 02/28/2009 4:23 pm
beautiful avi. (:

XxLiljoker16 Report | 12/30/2008 2:12 pm
yo wuz crakin
ii_SH3Xii-COOK3H Report | 12/07/2008 6:06 pm
hey how you doing is me Xx devil_master_06xX you remember me
xxxheart-of-lovexxx Report | 11/02/2008 1:02 pm
Mizzy hay waz up long time no see well anyway i have this huge problem! my second avi got banded because of password scamming! witch sucks because almost every thing i have is on that avis acount so now i can only see my profile from this avis acount! im sooo mad! OC! witch means out of control!!!!!!!!!XDXDXDXDXXDDXXDDXDXXD UHGGGG!!!
LuuLuu_900 Report | 08/01/2008 10:12 am
ITS ok.. i know everyone hates my bangs,

so im setting it back now, its been like 3 weeks since ive been puttin

them back, nd u dont even relize that i got bangs LOL.

Well im going to Vermont u.S.A on sunday nd ill be back in 2 weksz, i'll

try to reply, but the suckiest thing is that its 13 hour drive, nd i have to

suffer all that s**t LOL, ill try to come to village if i can. I would of come

next week but im leavinh after tommorow User Image.

I know espically for you and kev bcz u guys are togetha nd u guys are happy

but i know you;ll miss him more if he left than i miss daisy right now,

It's fun to talk to you... bcz u make things so interesting, by the way

you know what class your goin to be in??, im in 7d. i hope im in your class to,

so then later on we can be best frieendsz, I WANT ALL My friends to be in my class atleast once User Image,

me nd daisy were like best buds, but i know that he's not goin to be in the same class User Image

we had so mcuh fun in grade 6 but allotta hard timesz to bcz of KESHIA!! User Image ughh

oh well, LMAO what if you and kevin were in the same class aww, tht would make you

SOOOO HAPPY wouldent it. well i wish the best of luck tht u guys in the same class.

i think i wrote too mcuh oh well SORRYZ again! User Image

dam go on msn for once myanh LOL
2SEXY4MYL0VE Report | 08/01/2008 10:09 am
nm jus chillin nd listening 2 music..

me nd my gurl are doing very gud lol.

thanx for asking
LuuLuu_900 Report | 07/31/2008 11:10 am
LOL.. my avi's uglii, but anways thnx User Image.

Im just still trying to save more gold than later it

will be wayy better.. like i mean soon like in a year.

Yours is soo cute. I love yours. I bet it took you a while

to save so much gold & design it beautifull User Image. ND im not

just sayiinn that, its reall talks. Lol i promise i will say hi no matetr what.

I usually keep my bangs back instead of leavinh it in the front i look so EMO when its in the front, addmitt that

nd tell juliaa to friken reply me on gaia, she dosent takl to me anymore User Image. atleast u talk lol!~.

nd thnx, I hope he misses me too User Image Its bein hard for me this summer, I never see him or talk to him or anythin

nuh i cant hug him, its too hard, when we play truth or dare everiione says for us to hug but were tooo shy, I keep sayin

I DONT LIKE HIM LEAVE ME ALONE I AINT HUGGIN HIM LOL, but deep down everiione knows that i rlly want to & so does he,

but he was with georgina so he said no. But i cant wait i miss him, Wouldent it be hard for yyou if kevin went far far away from you question

But i always talk to him everiiday & i JUST CANT STAND IT!!. BUt i must not worry its not like hes gone foreva.(i hope not,just incase lol!)

OOOOOOOPS SORRY I WROTE TO MUCH... im soo sorry !!! User Image. its bcz i love to talk to you
2SEXY4MYL0VE Report | 07/31/2008 10:27 am
hahahaha thanks again

so wht u been up 2?


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