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just meh

well first of all i have to say that im a verry random person and i love kiwi i can eat it all day im eating 1 right now i mean who doesnt like 3m well im 15 years old and im ganna b 16 on october5. i love friends im verry random it get anyoning sometimes im really cool to hang out with so get to know me. i dont get mad at all. like if u dont like me ccause i went out with ur bf and you call me a b***h i would say thax and giggle. i wear shorts al day and i have a great life its awsome more awsome than ur moms new wedge shoe. well if u wanna get to know me just add me. smile you can call me knocky{/color]

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Damnnn...I just met this chicka && i can already tell that were gunna be tighter then an old mann in spandexx. Hah. She is madd cool && so farr i havnt got bored talking to herr. Youu should hit herr uhppp. Dont mess with herr though;; cuz i will kick yo asssss. Ya dig nig? Hah. Love youuu. <3

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