Haha, I haven't really edited this junk...in like 2-5 years. Pff. That's why the stuff at the bottom is there.

And also Tom Hardy. I really really love Tom Hardy, haha.

My name is Jennifer, although I'm mainly Jenn for my buddies and such. I'm 18 and a freshman in college, majoring in Biochemistry; molecular and cellular biology. Yeah. I've got labs out the butt.

Oh, and I'm southern baptist. :] I think some people are surprised when I say this. xD And contrary to popular belief, christians aren't close-minded bigoted a-holes. I generally don't speak about my religion at all unless you insult it or I feel it's pertinent to the conversation.

I just deleted half the stuff from my profile that I put up there in middle school. I decided to leave the poem and the stuff about my old kitten for some reason.

A random poem I wrote on a card for the women who lost children in wars.
-written in 7th grade-

Unnamed poem

To a mother stronger then a raging river
though silent lips may not whisper your name
a single rose is not as pure
may angels bless those who gave it all they had
though sad tears of crimson have been shed


My 5 week old kitten is dying. She was my favorite too....It's sad....

Her name was Lenni, and she died at 5weeks, on June 25, 2006, some where between 2am and 4am. She dehydrated as well, and she was cool looking when she was dead, it's still sad though.

If you're still reading down through here, I'll give you a little likes/dislikes thing.

Citrus Likes:
-Doctor Who
-Various superheroes (currently fangirling over the Avengers)
-classic rock!
-her fast matabalism
-friendly people
-funny people
-her narcissist self
-her athletic self (not that I've been particularly active. OH college. Why did you stick my dorm sososo far away from the gym)
-yaoi and shounen-ai [I've been corrupted! xD]
---I <3333 the AkuRoku pairing.
-most animals
-good grammar
-good typing skills
-everyone as long as you don't give her a reason to hate you
-the word 'euphimism'

Citrus does NOT like:
-haterz D<
-people who think they're 'gangsta'
-chat speak
-improper grammer (well closer to grossly improper now since I don't always have the best grammar either)
-stupid people
-burnt salsa
-people who put others down for their enjoymentUser Image

I'm proud of myself okay?

I beat my records in track from last year! I'm 13.65s 13.59s in the 100m dash, 13' 6" ft now 13'10"! 15'6" in the long jump, and 29' 5 1/2" Beat it again! 31' 0" now! in the triple jump. High jumped 5'3". :] I'm 5'5".


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The Flies Are Dancing

Report | 07/27/2010 7:29 pm

The Flies Are Dancing

Me too! They are simply the BEST! I think my favourite one is Esther. I love the music from it. The music from Gideon, Tuba wariour has been stuck in my head for like days.
The Flies Are Dancing

Report | 07/27/2010 7:08 pm

The Flies Are Dancing

You have a Veggietales song on your playlist! That makes me happy (:
Jynx The Wolf

Report | 07/24/2010 8:02 am

Jynx The Wolf

I'm sooo sorry for not replying earlier. I was away for a very long time. >.<
x___s y l p h

Report | 07/21/2010 12:32 pm

x___s y l p h

I dunno the Flyers' players. xD I just picked one or the other.
I really don't like Ovechkin, either. He's mean. sad
x___s y l p h

Report | 07/20/2010 7:33 pm

x___s y l p h

xD Uh-oh. We rooted for the Flyers once the Sharks were out. > o>

I go...for whatever looks good. ;D
x___s y l p h

Report | 07/20/2010 12:59 pm

x___s y l p h

Hee hee! I love to win. But ultimately I'm all for a good game. I'm not much of a trash-talker...my mother is, though. Every time we come up against a good goal tender, for instance, she will mention something about hoping he spontaneously combusts, lol.

I'm a bit of a hoarder, too. Although sometimes that turns into a bad thing...because I like to give my friends stuff. So if I have something I see they want...I end up giving it away. And then I'm sad because I don't have it anymore.
x___s y l p h

Report | 07/20/2010 12:41 pm

x___s y l p h

xD Well, we could use the new players. Our team is going to be like...entirely different than last year. More names and numbers to learn...ah well. It will definitely be worth it if it means improvement for us.

My brother and I go back and forth stealing each others' stuff. I'm wearing his Gogh Reed right now...xD
I'm not even sure what all is mine and what is his anymore. Neither of us care. We essentially treat it like we both share one inventory.
x___s y l p h

Report | 07/20/2010 12:24 pm

x___s y l p h

I am a Thrashers fan. <huddles up in my fuzzy Thrashers blanket>. We were pretty close to the last spot in the playoffs last season, weren't we?

And same here with being on and off. I'm really busy with college and house stuff lately, so I haven't had much time to be on.
Which is apparently just fine for my brother, who ninja'd half of my items on my storage account. xD
x___s y l p h

Report | 07/20/2010 12:16 pm

x___s y l p h

Wow. It's too bad I don't hang around Gaia very much anymore...after reading your profile, it seems like we would really get along! We have quite a bit in common.
Sorry for the double-post.

...maybe you play WoW?
x___s y l p h

Report | 07/20/2010 12:11 pm

x___s y l p h

NO! Don't apologise. I hardly know anyone who loves hockey!
We just moved to a house with satellite so we get the Versus channel. Which shows hockey all the time when the season is going. biggrin
Can't wait till the next season starts back up.


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