i loveee cindy<3:] she's like the bestest!(:
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summer ! (:
hi ! this girls name is tiffany !^^ and she's a 6th grader [ going to be 7th ] at macarthur !!! she met some new friends like yen-my, denise, emily, cristina, katrina and cindy of course ! :]] she has three special nicknames (: tiffy, vincent, and cindy ! hehe.
we all know shes hyper and stuffs.
shess pretty weird. D:
shes angry at times. D:
be scared !
- cindy
grrrr. cindy,cindy,cindy hacking me without my permission... what an i going to do about youu ? hmm

about her (:
hello !!!
her name is tiffany. ^^
shes very nice unless you piss her off.
age :12
light bluee is cool
birthday : febaruary 9th <3
aim : tiffanynong
movies && shopping w/friends [:
7th graderrr
likes to meet new people !
ice-creamm (:
Easy to get along with (;
shes pretty random at times x]
That's pretty much it c(:
currently dating vinceeee ;D .. just kidding !
ziekk&& vincee&&vincentt = friends forever

i edited her about me .
without her permission.
whatever tiffany, whatever ;D
you know im kiddingg.
cindy cindy cindy is my hero <33333
shes my gf.
you know how i do echhhehmm

one of ur friendzz was here...

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Hey duds, its me. TuhRainbow. Also known as Cindy. This girl, Tiffany, is a great friend. She is so awesome. I met her at MacArthur. Shes an awesome 6th Grader. You all should love her. She plays the clarinet. Even though i never heard her play it, I bet she plays beautifully. She is such good friend. ButtahA drunken one too. If you know her, she is pretty drunk. Have some complaints? Complain to her parents. She is pretty lucky to have a pretty face. She is pretty special. Guys, you really should add her. There is a one in a million chance to add her. Do it now.

- Cindy [TuhRainbow]

this is KaTrInA a lame gurl (=^-^=)
well tiffy is weird and i met her at math class the 1st day she's a cool girl that plays the piano.. i think she likes ____ but who knows.... she nevers does her homework shame on her... >.< jk lol!! she is super duper smart and helps me a lot!! she is soooo nice to me when i first met her and of course weird =] she knows my secret.... dun dun dun!! tiffys a gud friend but someimes VERY GRUMPY BEWARE!!! but she will always be my friend no matter wat background {awwwww} SO PPL ADD HER ALREADY SHE IS SOO AWESOME!! =] AND IF U DELETE HER I WILLL KILLLLL CHU!!!!!!!!!!! AND I MEAN IT >< so bye tiffy my gaia acc is ------------------> typicalazngur

HaCkEd :] hi tiffany ! this is brittany ! :]
hehe. cool profile... where did you get it ? can you teach me how to edit ur profile and everything ... plz !??! i luv you :]] <333 -------> meh gaia username is -----> XxXrainbowxaznxX

kaitlin chan here to hack the amazing tiffany ;D haha
hello tiffany i like ur new glasses :] you look really cool well lets see i met tiffany like a week after i was born?? i think haha she's the best cousin evers andd we're ice-cream lovers (: have a great summer cya laters and have funn at laughlin ^_^


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tiffany this is gorgus_analise i made a new gaia i was gorgus-tasty-donut and still have same myspace but please add me and i was banned from my old one with 80k in it so please if you can donate :3

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hi tiffany :] thanks alot for the myspace commentss yep we havent talk for a bit urms im asian-bunni123 changed my name

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everyone knows that I want gold!

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I have 1787 gold!

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i just want gold!

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everyone delet Lil because she banned herself!