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Lizurliel Report | 05/21/2018 7:52 pm
ur avi is ******** magical i love it so much
Lizurliel Report | 05/19/2018 2:35 pm
Ryukki-chan Report | 12/27/2010 12:01 pm
ok 4laugh
Ryukki-chan Report | 12/24/2010 10:35 am
Ryukki-chan Report | 12/24/2010 10:30 am
i changed my user name
Ryukki-chan Report | 12/22/2010 11:23 am
Copy and paste this message to ten profiles. Got that? Now, in the next 5 minutes, press the f5 button, to refresh your page. You should have a blue gift-box getting high around your screen, flying all over the place. In which, there should be an Ancient Katana, or a CoCo the Kitty Plushie.
Ryukki-chan Report | 12/22/2010 11:22 am
hi i havent been on in a while xp
Ryukki-chan Report | 06/27/2010 2:00 pm
yea it was sad
Ryukki-chan Report | 06/27/2010 1:43 pm
my fav part was when wuz the bad guy (i forgot his name) was cutting down that huge tree and the navi were fighting bak but the tree fell and they had to leave
Ryukki-chan Report | 06/27/2010 1:38 pm
oh and ive seen the movie avatar And it really wuz good!!!
lil napp