My Name is: Kendra Lynn Watt
My Current Age is: 13
My Very Best Friend: Krystal Graham
My Eye Colour: Light Blue
My Hair Colour: Black
My Favourite Colour: Pink
My Many Likes: I love those certain nights when it pours down rain, I love being on the computer, escpecially around the nighttime. I love being around when someone needs me. I love fuzzy things, they're irresistable and cuddly. I love smarties, they melt in your mouth and in yours hands. I like people who don't care about what they look like, I don't like listening about them complain. I swear sometimes, when mostly needed. I like things that glow; reason for my light collection. I love people who will stand up to what they're afraid of.
Things I dislike: Depressed people; though im depressed on the occasion. School sometimes, only if my morning started off bad. People who critisize others, it sickens me. I also hate spiders, they creep me out.

So. Maybe you think you know me. Maybe, you've seen me around school with my best friend, Krystal, and you think you've got me all figured out. Or, maybe, you've only seen me sometimes, and you've got no idea who exactly I am. Well, I'll try and explain my self, through my opinion to you.
I think I'm a generally nice person. I try to look at everything positively,but sometimes it doesn't turn out the way I'd like. I'll honestly admit, I'm not at all gangster. I'm more prep then gangster, for sure. Pretty much, I don't have many friends at school, so, I'm not very popular.
Some people look at me as if I'm a freak, because they see me around Krystal, killing myself laughing. Yes, I do that. It's because, she's my best friend, and I love having fun. I'm sure anyone who has a best friend understands that. Me and Krystal are just a little bit more.. fun.. then others. =)
I do have more then 1 friend. I consider Mercedes, Zayna, Candace and Allison my friend. Though, I dunno.. I just don't really hang out with them much.. So, yeah..
Pretty much, I consider myself a nice person, and I really hate repeating myself. I try to get my friends parents to like me, so that they don't dislike it when my friends and I are together..

With love


Kagome Higurashi's Life

ummmm........ unno something to do



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xox Dark Dreamer xox

your naked. O.o long time no comment. ^^

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Thank you bunches for your donation!


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your profile is so cute
~ Lil Miss Sango~

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~ Lil Miss Sango~

Thank you ^^

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Love your profile
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~ Lil Miss Sango~

Hiya'z ^^

Thank you very much!
Magic Flowers for Nina

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Magic Flowers for Nina

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I love you film!!!!!
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Thank you very much biggrin


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