HEY! I'm Olivia, My birthday is July 28th...Not tellin mah age razz Pm me or comment if u want to guess whee
PERSONALITY: Crazy, Funny, weird, NERD!!! xd LOL

I like to skateboard and draw anime characters. I LOVE being random lol xD! its what i do best!! well.....that and sleeping ^.^ HAH! but im not lazy X] I love to listen to music. mostly rock....i hate rap! XP my favorite animal iz a White Tiger =3 there awsum ^w^
People say Im nuts!!!! YESHHH!!!! MY GOAL IZ COMPLETED!!! whee BEAT THAT BOB! dramallama ....(bob iz my imaginary fwend ninja ) JK JK!! rofl I luv saying RAWR to everyone!! >w< im home schooled =P but im definitely not here to talk about school xp i HATE pink so that pretty much tells u im not a girly girl x] my favorite colorz r Black, Purple, Blue, Green or anything neon x]...Im a Bible Babtist Christian so dont cuss around me plz =] i luv ta hang with mah friendsz!!! and Im a NARUTO FREAK!!! xd and i also luv bleach! i have other anime that i luv too but i cant think of them right now......i need cooki OwO.........WATCH OUT! IM HIDING UNDER YOUR BED!!!!..... ninja did u see me? no? check the closet >w<........BOO! welp.....that about doez it.....L8r!!
RAWR!!! (sometimes i mean it in a different way wink )

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what i did for Halloween xD

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║(o)║♥ i love my music! heart

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NAME: Shanuke
LIKES: Playing, Running, Flying high, Chasing stuff.
DISLIKES: Rainy days, having to stay indoors.
PERSONALITY: Playful, Hyper, Always active, friendly.
OWNER: Lil liv97 (me)