About Me:

gaia_diamond I am a Weeaboo Kittenplay Queen that is in the DDLG and Petplay community. Welcome to my profile! My name is Sam. I love everything cute and creepy. I pierce, do makeup, and I tend to draw quite a bit. I am artistic and enjoy the little things in life. I love family and friends. People on Gaia are awesome and make me uber happy. I am bored most of the time so I spend a lot of my time on here to hang out with people virtually. I do have a kik, snapchat, all of that. If you would like my info please feel free to contact me. I LOVE bingsu and yummy seaweed snacks. I listen to pretty much all genres of music but I am not too much into country. Taken by my wonderful Prince. I wear fangs and I will eat your soul. BEWARE OF KITTY gaia_diamond

Studio Ghibli is life.

My height : 5'2
Eye Color: Blue/green
Hair Color: Blonde of course.

Beast Boy is BAE af

gaia_nitemareleft Peace out Homies gaia_nitemareright